FRESH Fine Real Edibles Sow Happiness

FRESH! … Fine Real Edibles Sow Happiness

By Baba and Mharia Ross-Walcott


We are always amazed at how large corporations can spin us around with words. For instance, what is “conventional” about conventional foods? These are foods processed with chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, toxic pesticides, irradiation, and genetic manipulation. Who do the corporations think they are fooling? Well, unfortunately, quite a few. However, for those of us who want a healthier life, there’s also the prospect of becoming sustainable and helping our communities become more sustainable. A movement is happening in rural communities to do just that and people such as Baba and Mharia are on the front line of “being the change” we’ve been waiting for.

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It’s the most amazing way to live—choosing to eat local organic goods that were planted, weeded, and picked by people who are part of the community in which we flourish. Baba and Mharia Ross-Walcott are bringing on the fresh goods! Living the fresh life means choosing to grow or buy local vegetables and fruits. They taste better, contain more nutrition and support, and sustain the hopes, land, and hands of local farmers. Everybody benefits.

Many of us are excited by the renewal of old-fashioned goodness on the table and plate. The Slow Food Movement gains traction as we reclaim our own ability to fall in love with our kitchens all over again, rekindling the old ways of growing, preparing, and preserving food. If it comes out of the ground, it makes common sense—pure and simple. Baba Ross-Walcott is a farmer man, having grown up watching his grandfather work the fertile hills of western Jamaica—growing yam, banana, and plantain. Baba has a passion for the simple good life, and he wants to share it. Working an acre off Eaton Road, the Ross-Walcotts welcome people to help on the farm, and they will continue to sell their produce locally. They now have a greenhouse full of sprouting seeds and a root cellar in progress for winter storage.

Building a sustainable way of life is no joke. Our modern lifestyle has become a liability, with corporate interests dominating the economic landscape. Terminator seeds and seeds dipped in pesticides are the order of the day. It’s time to reeducate ourselves about what is what and why health is our wealth. We make it our business to figure out how to maximize on the simplicity of a holistic edible experience. Going fresh is the natural way!