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By Marla Crites, Betty Credit, and Ted Holmes

Millions of tons of aluminum and barium are being aerially sprayed almost daily across the U.S., including north state skies. Almost daily we see this intentional pollution occur. People are coughing and sneezing as they inhale the chemical cocktail that falls to earth. This article discusses some of the effects of this practice.

“When people look up into the blue and see white trails paralleling and crisscrossing high in the sky, little do they know that they are not seeing aircraft engine contrails, but instead they are witnessing a manmade climate engineering crisis facing all air breathing humans and animals on planet Earth…. Toxic atmospheric aerosols [are] used to alter weather patterns, creating droughts in some regions, deluges and floods in other locations and even extreme cold under other conditions…” U.S. Air Force Brig. General Charles Jones.

Coal Fly Ash IS the Spray

Forensic evidence reveals that fly ash from coal combustion, one of the world’s most common industrial waste products, is consistent with the main nano-particulates being sprayed into the atmosphere. Coal fly ash’s elements, found in rainwater around the world, imply that is what’s being sprayed. Chico Sky Watch had water tests conducted of local rain and surface water from Horseshoe Lake and Teichert Pond, which showed similar results, high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium.

These nano-particulates affect the rain cycle. Paraphrasing NASA, the water droplets that form around nano-particulates are not heavy enough to fall, but can be moved elsewhere. This causes infrequent steady rain and more rare but vigorous rain events.

According to J. Marvin Herndon, coal fly ash also absorbs radiation, causing the surrounding atmosphere to be heated. These nano-particulates act as a blanket, not allowing Earth to release its heat into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, they eventually reach the ground, where they absorb more solar radiation. If the nano-particulates land on ice or snow, they change their reflective properties so that more heat and light are absorbed, increasing global warming.

Heavy metal nano-particulates make atmospheric moisture more conductive, which enables HAARP to move weather systems via microwave beams. For example, the “ridiculously resistant high pressure ridge” maintained on the California coast prevents moisture from coming ashore, causing a persistent, artificially induced drought for California.

Chemical Fallout

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), the main aerosol ingredient, is harmful to all life. In nano-form it is not only bioavailable but also deadly to all plants and animals. Already 70% of insects have disappeared. Levels of aluminum in bee pupae have been found to be 13-200 parts per million, while 3 ppm can be enough to cause brain damage in humans. No wonder the bees can’t find their way home.

Caitlin Burklew found that the presence of Al2O3 in the soil prevents plant roots from taking up water and nutrients. The plants become stunted and soon die. Vegetable gardens are in decline. See exhibit 1

Trees are watered by aluminum- contaminated fog and rain. The particulates dissolve the waxy coating on leaves and needles, thereby reducing their resistance to drought. Aluminum also makes soil pH much more alkaline, the opposite of what forest trees require. Once a tree is weakened, its defenses against bark beetles and other pathogens are compromised, and it dies.

Ozone Depletion

Coal fly ash also contains substances like chlorine that damage Earth’s protective ozone layer, thereby increasing UV radiation. According to a retired NASA contract engineer, Earth’s natural defense would be to patch that hole with more oxygen, as it rises to that altitude. However, due to aerosol spraying, oxygen is prevented from rising to that height so the hole cannot heal itself.

Before geoengineering, the majority of ultra-violet light (UVL) was UVA, the range we evolved with. Since geoengineering, the more intense rays (UVB and UVC) are able to reach the earth. These increased levels of UV radiation further weaken trees, indicated by bark falling off, tops dying, epicormal sprouting at the base, and leaves scorching. As trees’ natural defenses are reduced, bark beetles (nature’s clean-up crew) finish off the trees.

Ozone depletion also contributes to the dramatic decline of insects, as well as the demise of coral reefs worldwide. Skin cancer has been detected on the backs of whales and fish.

Wildfires Increase

“Near daily and near global jet-spraying of particulates into the atmosphere is related to wildfires,” says Herndon.

Aluminum/barium dust is highly inflammatory, nearly explosive, and now covers most of the planet. Once ignited, the levels of fire intensity are so great that firefighters have coined a new term: “firenados.” According to Cal Fire operation chief Steve Crawford, the fires move faster than anyone has ever seen. We had our own firsthand experience with this…the Paradise Camp Fire.


Aerosol spraying of nano-particulates into the atmosphere does not reduce global warming as some climate scientists believe. Instead, it inhibits rainfall, retards heat loss, reroutes rainstorms from the Pacific, causes climate chaos, and poisons the environment. No one has the right to poison the air we breathe or to corrupt our planet’s complex natural processes.

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What follows is a segment I did on the Golden Road Television Show in 2016 when people were still not seeing what was right above their heads and the government was denying it..that’s all changed now. I play some of the interview I did with Dane Wigington on the show.