Go Raw to Grow Your Health

By Donald Payne

Hello again, dear reader. I just finished reading a book by the owner of Garden of Life supplements company called The Raw Truth. If you have not heard about Jordan Rubin and his recovery from a debilitating bowel disease, you should read this book. It also tells many stories about other natural-healing pioneers. The opening story of Endre Szalay, the founder of the amazing Grow Company, is so inspiring.

Endre Szalay believed that the best nutrition always came from raw vegetables and fruits, so he experimented with adding particular protein sequences to a growth medium so as to have the medium be able to absorb the nutrient into its cell walls, thus creating these “raw” growing superfortified foods that were still alive with enzymes and all the cofactors found in raw living food—he succeeded and thus we have the Grow Company.

As it turns out, the Garden of Life supplements company and Jordan Rubin personally heard about Endre Szalay’s breakthrough in creating food-bound nutrients and jumped at the chance to produce supplements that are as close to raw food nutrients as possible. Garden of Life now produces a whole line of multivitamins that are uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated. The company calls its supplements The Vitamin Code, Raw. What a great line of supplements! Raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, 100 percent active ingredients.

I just started using its multivitamin for men 50 years old (yes, I am more than 50 years old!) and its whole Vitamin Code, Raw line, which contains raw probiotics and enzyme blends as well as a base of raw organic fruits and vegetables. I love ’em! They digest so easily with nearly 100 percent bioavailable nutrients. I will definitely try more as I need—so good!

Please try some of the new Vitamin Code, Raw supplements and when you visit S&S Produce ask us for a free copy of Jordan Rubin’s new book The Raw Truth. For a limited time we will be giving them away to our customers. Please ask for one and learn how to transform your health with these living nutrients.

Also, dear reader, since the weather is warming up, I know so many of you will be making protein smoothies or at least drinking extra water; one product I add to my water at home is Health Force Vitamineral Green. Vitamineral Green is a healing, nourishing, raw, vegan, anytime food. I love that it is made from land greens and water greens as well as with seaweeds from the ocean and added enzymes. Health Force is one of those companies that we at S&S want to support because it is more interested in the health of the people and of the world than incorporate profits.

Consequently we sell many of its products. Fruits of the Earth and Greener Grasses are two other great products it makes that you can add to water or juice to add up the great antioxidants you need to consume every day, and I just started taking Health Force’s Liver Rescue capsules for liver protection and detoxification—wow! I immediately could tell (the first day) a difference in my energy level the next morning! Sometimes, when I drink a glass of wine at night, the next day I can feel sluggish and almost headachy. Now I use one capsule of Health Force Liver Rescue and two capsules of Nature’s Way Thislyn (milk thistle extract) and the next day I feel great!

Usually now, since having such a great response to that, at night I take the two Nature’s Way Thislyn capsules, two Nature’s Way Prostol capsules for my prostate, and two Nature’s Way Optima probiotic capsules. Nature’s Way has so many great products and these have made such a big difference in my life. The greatest difference for me is having the opportunity to be exposed to so many great products and then to mix together. In fact, as I am writing this article I am drinking carrot juice, and I added to my carrot juice a tablespoon of Health Force Vitamineral Green, a tablespoon of Health Force Maca Magic maca powder, and a teaspoon of Nature’s Way Reuteri probiotic acidophilus powder. What a great antioxidant blood-building combination!

Any one of you can do this. Every one of you should do this! Please start this spring. Try some green products and always use probiotics, and tell me about some of your combinations.

Blessings to all for a great spring.

Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods