Healing Ourselves and the World

Healing Ourselves and the World

By Donald Payne

Hello again, dear readers. I have spoken to you all before regarding the natural beauty we live in and I hope that this year all of you took Earth Day to heart, that you took it to heart enough to truly motivate your ecological activities. I also hope and pray that this mood carries you though, for the rest of the year and beyond. Because truly, if anyone cares to heal his or her own ills and diseases, first he or she must begin to heal our beloved planet Earth. The two are not separate.

This consciousness is what we in the natural-products industry must realize and use as a driving force in the selection of products we choose to buy and sell to you, the trusting public. This knowledge and consciousness has for 39 years been my guideline, not only in business—my work—but also in my social and personal life. How fortunate I have been to meet and be able to support so many wonderful, like-minded friends from so many great natural-foods companies.

One such company that abides by these great ideas is Health Force Nutritionals; in fact , Dr. Jameth Sheridan, ND (the owner and founder of Health Force Nutritionals), writes: “I am very deeply committed to researchingand developing the highest-quality, most effective life-enhancing nutritional products based on my ongoing research into life force, whole foods, enzymes, Mother Nature, and true science with a reverence for all life.” What a great statement! And the products show exactly what he says. My favorite Health Force Nutritionals product is its Vitamineral Green, which is greens, herbs, and vegetables in a convenient powder form. I use a teaspoon in water, juice, or my applesauce a couple of times a day. It can even be used as a replacement for a multivitamin supplement. For anyone who is energy depleted or has a chronic disease, arthritis, cancer, or chronic pain of any kind, I encourage the taking of one heaping teaspoon of Vitamineral Greens, two droppersful of Grifron’s Maitake D Fraction mushroom extract, two capsules of Nordic Naturals’ Ultimate Omega fish oil, and two capsules of Nature’s Way turmeric extract twice a day.

This is an incredibly powerful combination to power up the immune system to fight any disease and calm all inflammatory responses while nourishing and building the blood. And all of the companies are so ecologically conscientious that it’s easy on the Earth while you are healing your illness and slowing the inflammatory/aging process in your body and mind.

Of course there are many brands of products that are becoming conscientious that you could choose from; however, from my experience in using Grifron’s Maitake D Fraction mushroom extract, I have seen how effective it is in “modulating” the immune disorders, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, and skin disorders. In fact, with skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis you would double the dose of Maitake D Fraction and use double the dose of a fish oil such as Nordic Naturals’ Ultimate Omega or another one of its high-potency EPA-DHA fish oil combinations.

Also, since skin disorders often relate to the liver, I always encourage Nature’s Way’s Thislyn, a milk-thistle extract. Thislyn is imported from Germany, where it is a prescription drug for use in alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver. I also have never seen it fail to help hepatitis C patients to normalize their elevated liver enzymes and lower their virus load. Usually a half gram of the silymarin (the active ingredient in Thislyn) two times a day does the job. Again and again I have seen it help with liver and with skin problems.

If you did a spring cleanse, you probably noticed that many of your health problems lessened in intensity. Well, if that’s the case, to continue a mild blood and bowel cleanse, use Nature’s Way’s Red Clover Combination (two capsules, two times a day) with Nature’s Way’s Primadophilus probiotic, and use Health Force Nutritionals’ Vitamineral Greens (one teaspoon twice a day) to cleanse the lymph system and build the blood at the same time.

There are so many natural remedies for our health problems; however, my prayer is that we all also choose companies’ products knowing that the company is not polluting our precious Earth. Choose wisely, eat well, chew well, and become strong and healthy. The Mother Earth needs us all now to become clean caretakers of her domain. She is not ours—we are hers.


Happy summer to all

Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods