Healing through the Sound Vibration of Tuning Forks

By Pia States

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.”—Albert Einstein

So if everything is energy, not only things we see and touch are energy, but also sound, light, and even emotions have a certain energy or vibration.

We are all vibrational beings with our personal vibration. Animals and plants have their own vibration, as does our Mother Earth (7.81Hz).

We feel healthy when our energies are balanced and a sense of discomfort when they are not. A stressful situation, annoying sounds, too much or insufficient light, anxiety, fear, or just being around destructive or unhappy people easily distort our vibration, bringing us a feeling of dis-ease. You may recall situations in which a person made you feel drained, as if he sucked your energy. He just tapped into your auric field and changed your vibration. To keep this from happening, we all need to find a way to protect ourselves or find a way to get back to our personal vibration.

Sound is a therapeutic method that makes use of the frequencies that correspond to vibration in the auric field—sound can help detect and correct imbalances within this field. The vibration of tuning forks can help balance our nervous systems and help manage stress and other challenges in our lives. There are two types of tuning forks: unweighted forks, which are used to clear the auric field, and weighted forks, which are applied on the body and work as a type of acupressure.

Our cells produce and release nitric oxide. When weighted tuning forks are placed on bone or connective tissue, they resonate throughout the whole body, causing the cells to release nitric oxide, which sends a signal to our cells to relax.

Tuning the auric field can be a superb way to achieve balance and also bring you profound insight and inspiration.

The auric field expands approximately five feet to both sides of the body and three feet above and below; it is shaped like a torus and contains records of our memories. Just as the brain does, the auric field has different areas responsible for different functions. It holds information related to specific emotions, states of mind, and relationships from the past. It is the blueprint around which the physical body organizes itself.

Every emotion has its own vibrations and can make us feel uncomfortable or out of alignment. Memories and emotions such as anxiety, worry, anger, hate, guilt, shame, or blame have a very low vibration and can get stuck in our auras. Through time this can cause chronic illnesses. Therefore, raising our personal vibration with tuning forks can change the emotions and help us achieve a sense of improved well-being.

tuning forksTuning forks bring a chiming sound to your ears but also bring a vibration that can be felt in the bones and body. As with adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical and mental balance.

Tapping two Biosonic tuning forks can instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance. In seconds your body can enter a deep state of relaxation where profound healing can take place. You will find your mind at peace, an improved and enhanced immune response, integration of body and mind, and for some, the ability to transcend to higher levels of consciousness.

The sound of the tuning forks has also proven to enhance the healing effects of energy-therapy practices such as Reiki, meditation, yoga, and massage.

A tuning fork session is usually performed on a massage table with your eyes closed. The main purpose is to provide a space of total relaxation and to clear the auric field. Once the aura is cleared, the practitioner can apply weighted body tuners on the chakra points of the body or, if needed, to acupressure points to ease any ailments. Tuning forks can also be used in a group, usually with participants’ lying as comfortably as possible in a half circle on a yoga mat. Participants often report feeling a sense of weightlessness, having visions, physical sensations such as tingling and gentle touch, and clearing of the mind. Group sessions can at times bring powerful healing by raising the vibration as a group.

So what are some of the effects you can expect from a tuning fork session?

  • Often instantaneous deep state of relaxation;
  • Improved mental clarity;
  • Increased level of physical energy and mental concentration;
  • Stress relief;
  • Easing of pain;
  • Balancing of the nervous system;
  • Integration of left and right brain.


Are there any side effects? The answer is No (except if you have a pacemaker; you can still have an auric tuning without the weighted body tuners).

The bottom line: The body is amazing and is able to heal itself if it only gets the time and space to do so. Finding that place of total relaxation and a clear mind with no distractions will help your body focus on what it needs to do.

Pia States


“For me tuning forks have an amazing power to still the mind and calm an anxious body. Tuning forks offer an incredible ‘tune-up’ to the body, mind, and spirit.”—Donna S.


For more information you can contact Pia at ReconectTwoYou@gmail.com.