Health Coaching from the Inside Out

Health Coaching from the Inside Out By Theresa McCarthy With all the external sources of health information available to us 24/7, doesn’t it seem as though we should all be overflowing with vibrant health and well-being? If knowing more and having access to all the latest thinking on health and nutrition were all we needed to create balanced and healthy lives, then surely in this hyped-up, hyperactive age of surfing the information highway we’d all be feeling great. But far from feeling balanced and healthy, many of us feel more stressed out, harried, and confused than ever. I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a bookstore, I feel assaulted by all the latest and greatest books on health. Often the information is confusing, contradictory, or just plain complicated. What to do? Health Coaching from the Inside Out is based on the premise that no external source of information “out there” is meaningful or helpful to us unless it resonates with our own deep, internal sense of knowing.

Without a connection to the part of us that intuitively knows what we need to be healthy, we’re just frantically running from expert to expert out of a sense of lack. But when we’re connected to our internal knowing, the information we’re intuitively drawn to can be integrated in a way that feels easy, comfortable, and natural. Without that connection, new information can seem overwhelming, depleting, and confusing. One of my greatest joys is to help my clients tune in to their own intuition, to quiet the mind that gets addicted to those relentless external sources of information that make us feel less than, or not good enough. This allows my clients to tap into their inner knowing and power, that place from which all success is assured. It’s all too easy, these days, to make a dogma out of every new health trend, so that potentially helpful information becomes a rigid set of rules to follow, another measure of how we’re not measuring up.

Whenever a client comes to see me with a “should,” for example, “I should lose weight,” “I should exercise more,” or “I should go gluten-free,” I am immediately suspicious. Who says you should do any of those things? Are you following your deep sense of connection, knowing, and intuition, or are you just following some idea you think you should follow based on some external authority? Will doing that thing you “should” do make your life more enjoyable, peaceful, and balanced, or will it add more stress and “mind stories” of how you “should be”? When we meet ourselves in every moment with love, compassion, and acceptance, we are much more able to separate the “should’s” from the “want to’s,” because some part of our being knows, really knows, the right direction for us, and we can trust that. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.” —Rumi LGAD_Nourishing_Solutions_1-6Health Coaching from the Inside Out is right for you if you’re fed up with the external noise, the sound bites, the “seven easy ways,” and the “ultimate plans.” If you’re ready to be still and quiet the mind that tells you that you need do anything, if you’re ready to tap into your internal knowing and power, to connect to a greater source that is always guiding you on your path to perfect health and wholeness (because on the most fundamental level, the level of spirit, you are already perfectly healthy and whole), then you are a good candidate for Health Coaching from the Inside Out. When you work with me, we will spend some time (three to five minutes) in stillness, and from that centered place, I will guide you to tune in to your deepest intention behind your particular health issue. Because without that deep intention to hold us, it’s all too easy to give in to behaviors that no longer serve us. So, for example, you can talk about eating less sugar until you’re blue in the face, but until you connect eating less sugar to your deepest intention, say, to have more energy to be present with your loved ones, it’s all too easy to indulge at that party or that girls’ night out. But when we connect our health issues to our deepest intentions and values, choosing a new way becomes easy, effortless, and meaningful. From there, I work with you to set goals and time frames that are realistic for your unique life circumstances.

And finally, I guide you to take action in the form of weekly action steps that can lead you to your goal in the most joyful and fun way possible, by listening to your internal guide. I hope you’ll join me out in that field beyond wrongdoing and right-doing. Theresa McCarthy, NC, is a holistic health coach. Her business is Nourishing Solutions: Health Coaching from the Inside Out.

She can be reached at 530-809-0492. Theresa is moving her office to the Yoga Center of Chico, opening this fall. So come on down to the Yoga Center of Chico (between TBar and Christian & Johnson), do some yoga, relax in Shavasana, and get your health coaching on! Namasté.