Heavenly Scented CALIRUB

By: Xena Gale

I’m often stopped in the supermarket with a common question. “What is that perfume you are wearing?  You smell marvelous!” My first thought is, “Well, I’m not wearing perfume!” Then, of course, the brain kicks in and I realize they are talking about heavenly scented CALIRUB!

It all began with a dream to create a topical pain relief salve that actually smelled good!  Something sweet, yet spicy, with a clean citrus and somewhat earthy fragrance.  A designer scent that could be enjoyed by both men and women. Thus began my quest to learn all I could about essential oils, including their healing properties and their scent.

The study of perfumery is where I first learned about blending scents. G. W. Piesse, a French perfumer and chemist, was first to publish a popular olfactory guide ‘The Art of Perfumery’. He introduced a glossary about smells that correspond to different pitches in western musical notes, just like a musical scale. He assigned specific musical notes to aromas and placed each odor on an octave according to its effects on our senses.

Now, when we talk about fragrance, we speak of notes and accords.  Like musical chords we created a combination of complementary notes, composition, and harmony.  Our CALIRUB ‘10 Essential Oils Blend’ includes top, middle, and base notes for a perfect harmonic blend that holds each scent together while preventing evaporation. 

Next came investigating the art and science of aromatherapy, where some believe that a scent can actually heal.  I discovered that our olfactory system, with millions of receptors, provides a gateway for scents to travel into our blood stream, through the lungs or the central nervous system by way of signals directed to the limbic system of the brain.  It is this system that aromatherapists believe an actual scent can heal and provide a sense of overall well-being, calm the nerves and uplift the spirit!

CALIRUB’s organic and wildcrafted essential oils, along with our organic full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD base, are jam packed with terpenes.  Inside these terpenes are the actual healing compounds that are responsible for making this rub an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, pain-fighting machine!

Organic olive oil is our carrier oil. We chose organic olive oil-based upon numerous scientific studies that suggested it was the best overall carrier oil to be absorbed into the skin.  Our organic beeswax adds the perfect component that also acts as a moisture barrier.

After many months of research, I was ready to start blending oils. My good friend, Anne Chaney, and I ordered a zillion different organic and wildcrafted essential oils.  19 formulations later, CALIRUB’s, unique handcrafted complex aroma was born.

So, there you have it!  When you smell CALIRUB, it is truly an entourage of all the different parts.  Perfumery, aromatherapy, and healing oils, all combined into a heavenly scented dream come true topical that truly works.   

Try It! It works!  And, as lovers of CALIRUB say, “Rub It! Love It! Smell It!”  And who knows?  Someone may come to you and say, “Oh my. You smell marvelous!  What is that perfume you are wearing?”

A personal update by Xena’s nephew George about the Paradise Camp Fire and how they have risen to the challenge of reestablishing themselves and re-launching their business.

A Heavenly Scented Dream

The smoke, which lingered like an uninvited, toxic guest is long gone. The
media has moved on to a new disaster far from the melted and tangled
remnants of the Ridge. Still, our hope, dreams, and determination spring

Here in the Magalia CA, Camp Fire burn scar, all kinds of undergrowth can be seen from the main roadways, reaching for light from beneath the blackened incense cedar and ponderosa pines. Along with the resilient blackberry bushes, manzanita, and wild bay laurel, the CALIRUB team and many who remain on the Ridge are reaching for light too.

            On November 8th, 2018 my aunt Xena, her partner, and their two dogs fled
their farm in upper Magalia on foot, down middle creek canyon, and up the
other side to seek refuge at a friend’s home on Nimshew Ridge. Once there,
and out of immediate danger, they stood and watched as their farm was
engulfed by an unrelenting wall of fire. It was then, during those
heartbreakingly horrific moments, seeds of a plan began to germinate in
Xena’s mind.
            It would be weeks until they returned to see what remained. Miraculously,
although looted, two cabins were spared by the firestorm.
Some have left this area out of necessity, while others remain. Either out
of necessity themselves, or a desire to stand together and see this
rebuilding process through. For many, it’s a combination of the two. Xena
decided to stay.
          From the beginning Xena envisioned CALIRUB as a healing product. Not only
for aches and pains, but also as a tool which could potentially create jobs
for her friends, family, and neighbors. My aunt has always been a “look at
the bigger picture” type of person, who believes in the law of attraction,
and so she set forth with that mindset.
          Known around Magalia as “the CALIRUB lady”, Xena has been giving away
CALIRUB to her neighbors in Magalia for over three years. After losing
nearly everything in the fire, including the entirety of her CALIRUB
inventory, she began putting a plan in motion.
          Finding her home in lower Magalia destroyed, she decided in March of this
year to convert one of the remaining cabins on her farm, aptly named
‘Dashavatara Farms’, into a temporary CALIRUB production facility.
          It is with great pleasure, appreciation, and optimism that we proudly
announce the official re-launch of CALIRUB, our heavenly scented topical
salve! We’ve learned a lot on this post-fire path. It has taught us about the
power of love, teamwork, and the human capacity for perseverance,
generosity, empathy, and healing while the cards feel so hopelessly stacked
against us. CALIRUB would not be in a position to re-launch at all without
the love and support of many wonderful people in this community and beyond.
Thank you!

Many blessings,

George & Xena

For more information visit www.CaliRub.co for contact information and where you can buy CaliRub