Herbal Solutions for Radiant Vitality

Fionas forrest

At Fiona’s Forest

By Jules Pecson

Fionas forrest

My name is Jules Pecson, and I’m a master herbalist and owner of Fiona’s Forest in Paradise. Our forte is full-body beauty and well-being, using natural ingredients foraged sustainably in our local forests. My health journey started eight years ago, when I was taught to use traditional wild-crafted herbal medicine to heal myself from breast cancer.  My path has since grown to teach others and help them achieve radiant vitality.

As the workforce at Fiona’s Forest has grown, so has our line of expertly formulated herbal solutions and beauty products. Our skin-care products have progressed far beyond soap, lotions, and deodorant. We’ve listened to our loyal customers, both local and worldwide, who’ve shared their desire for skin-care products that won’t slowly kill them.

No beauty product is worth poisoning. Skin is the largest organ of the body. Recent research has shown that anything applied topically is absorbed quickly and affects overall health. The brain, hormones, organs, and everything else are directly affected by toxic chemical additives and preservatives.

That’s why I’ve tirelessly researched and developed a comprehensive high-end, yet affordable, skin-care line, wild-crafted and handmade, without chemicals or artificial preservatives.


Into the Forest Facial Cream and Toner

Our facial cream prevents dehydration by maintaining the skin’s delicate balance of natural moisturizing oils. Using a special blend of fractionated coconut (MCT) and sweet almond oils, the cream deeply penetrates to thoroughly nourish dermal tissue. To complete this magical formula, a synergistic essential oil blend is combined with goji berry and yarrow hydrosols, resulting in a serenely soothing facial hydrator for all skin types.

The dual purpose of our Into the Forest facial toner is to remove environmental toxins such as smog, smoke, and other chemical residues, while providing hydration and antioxidant protection. The superstar of our formulation is a polypore hydrosol. Polypores are incredible mushrooms that grow in high-elevation forests. These fungi, foraged in Butte County, are a powerful immune enhancer, helping prevent free-radical damage and inflammation. Think of our toner as a detoxifying cocktail of vitamins to be used twice daily, and whenever your skin desires.


Anti-aging Serum and Eye Cream

Medicinal herbs specifically designed for intensive skin healing comprise the anti-aging serum. Resveratrol, a powerful source of antioxidants, naturally occurs in Japanese knotweed. Arnica and yarrow flowers prevent inflammation, and elderflower brightens and tightens the skin. In addition, cleavers detoxifies and heals, while carrot seed oil delivers incredibly high levels of beta-carotene. All of these plants work together to give the skin a potent dose of antioxidants while also preventing sun damage.

The skin around the eye is the most delicate of the face, and it can easily lose youthful elasticity, resulting in wrinkling. Our anti-aging eye cream is designed as part of your skin-care routine in the evening, repairing and healing while you get your beauty sleep. It contains hyaluronic acid, a moisture binder that retains a thousand times its weight in water within the cells of the skin. This promotes increased smoothness and softening.


Dead Sea Detox

Filled with a diverse blend of essential nutrients and minerals, our citrus-scented mud mask breathes new life into tired cells. It removes dead and dull skin while improving circulation and oxygenation, providing cellular renewal for a radiating, healthy glow.


Five Piece First Aid Kit

Our Five Piece First Aid Kit was developed over the summer for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, who’ve gratefully responded with positive feedback and repeated use. Included in the small metal container are five useful products to get you through a variety of annoying outdoor challenges.


  • The Bug Bite Eraser Salve includes a combination of five soothing herbs. Elderflower, false hellebore, gumweed, western mugwort, and yarrow are combined using beeswax to offer bug-bite relief. The salve moisturizes and eases skin irritation and inflammation while enhancing the immune system.
  • The Antiseptic and Antibiotic Salvehelps the body resist and kill unwanted organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. The salve is offered in a travel-size container and can also be found on the shop shelves.
  • Arnica Salve is one of the best remedies for external healing by reducing inflammation, dissipating bruises, and providing pain relief.
  • The Burn Salvehelps with topical pain and prevents infections often experienced with burns with its antifungal and antibiotic ingredients.
  • Chapped Lip Balmoffers prevention and relief from sun exposure. The salve includes yarrow, a pain reliever and capillary repairer. Also included is lomatium root, an antiviral skin softener. Cotton bud stimulates skin regeneration, and peppermint essential oil is a cooling antibacterial.


Immune Enhancer and Antiviral Throat Spray

As winter approaches, colds and flus are close at hand, and exposure is unavoidable. We’ve created holistic tools and a dual-pronged strategy to battle the seasonal illnesses that threaten energy and health.

Our first line of defense is the Immune Enhancing Formula, a tincture that provides protection on a cellular level when taken daily. The second part of our strategy is the Antiviral Throat Spray. Symptoms can be avoided entirely when used before exposure or at onset of sore throat. The pocket-sized spray is especially valuable while traveling (and it’s TSA compliant!).


Introducing Flowers of the Sun and Herbal Pet Products

Charlotte “Char” Walters is my full-time assistant and beloved cousin. Charlotte has worked hard to use her herbalist training to full extent. Her Flowers of the Sun herbal teas feature a diverse and delicious array of medicinal blends.

Char is also an avid animal lover, and we’re proud to introduce her new line of healing pet products. At Fiona’s Forest, we believe in happiness, health, and longevity for the whole family, and that includes our pets. Stop by sometime and ask our resident shop dog Miss Prada, and she’ll enthusiastically agree!


Pain, Allergy, and Digestive Relief for Dogs and Cats

The Wound Salve is a strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral product that also relieves inflammation while stimulating cell growth during healing.  An alternative salve was specially developed for cats, which are sensitive to the salicylic acid in calendula. Both salves can be used topically and as an internal antibiotic and taste especially good to dogs.

Our Anti-Inflammatory Salve is formulated for aging dogs. It eases joint pain, supports the immune system and adrenals, and aids in kidney and liver function. The Allergy Relief medication supports the adrenals, boosts the immune system, helps the liver to detox, relieves itching, and helps the animal adapt to stress. Last, our Pet Digestive Aid supports natural intestinal flora, sooths indigestion, and eases bloating.


Meditating on Medicine

My spirit finds serenity within the abundance of medicine that surrounds us.  My apprentice herbalists are amazed when I take them out foraging. Whether tending the community garden in the back of my shop, working the Saturday Chico Certified Farmer’s Market, or giving hope and relief with my tinctures to those devastated by Lyme disease or cancer, I’m constantly assured and satisfied that my life is on the right path. If you’d like to change your path, or strengthen your stride along the way, I hope you’ll visit Fiona’s Forest and see what our wilderness has to offer.