How Do I Prepare for

How Do I Prepare for 2012 and Beyond?

By Kelly La Sha

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As we are receiving more information on the end date of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, we are collectively realizing the profundity and the imminence of the grand opportunity that is before us. There are up to 200 myths and many indigenous ancient prophecies that all concur about this time being the end of a cycle of darkness and the beginning of a new golden age of enlightenment. Many describe this transition as an ascension from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.

Conscious pioneers such as George Kavassilas, David Icke, and David Wilcock are revealing the structures within our cultures, religions, and our governments that have kept our souls in shackles, all to keep us away from this opportunity of ascension. This is a time of quantum awakening when we are broadening our awareness and our frequency so that we can see through the masks of the manipulators of our conscious intention and personal power. The beings that have been in charge of this grand deception would prefer that we not awaken. They would prefer that we remain ignorant, so that we can continue to be duped into allowing them to control us. And it is helpful to note that we can only be manipulated to give up our power by agreeing to their suggestions, as hypnotically alluring as they might seem.

We each have a grand choice to make. The first option is to remain in the same old paradigm of your limited and assigned Kelly La Shaself-identity as a human personality. The second choice is to continue the process of learning in the 4th dimension (where the dual game of manipulation is on-going and yet of some help while we work ourselves out of the lies that bind us in states of suffering). The third choice will be to ascend to the 5th dimension of your infinite eternal soul. The Inca describe those who will choose the 5th dimensional transition as “homo-luminous” beings who will claim their true infinite power and freedom as divine creators.

The questions I keep hearing from those whom are aware of this profound opportunity are, “how do I prepare myself for my ascension?” and “how will I know how to make my way home all the way to the 5th dimension?” These questions inspired Perry and I to write a guidebook in order to offer a crash course on the significance of 2012 and provide support tools for your journey Home to the 5th dimension. The souls that incarnated at this time came specifically for this opportunity; yet some remain in the illusion of their own amnesia. We all have this memory within us. Remembering only requires that we be willing to shed our limited programming that imposes that we are mere humans that have no direct access to our Creator. Most of the positive 2012 messages and tools that are being provided are designed to simply awaken us to our true selves that know the way Home.

The broadest understanding of our process is to realize that we have a choice to choose fear over love. Fear comes from our insecurity and is the exact frequency that limits a soul from its innate freedom. Unconditional love is the frequency that is the 5th dimension. If you choose to heal your insecurities and actively practice unconditional love (for yourself and others), you will vibrate at the frequency that will take you Home simply by law of attraction. Fortunately, we are in an area where there is an abundance of healers and techniques available to assist us on our path of healing. Ultimately though, as you self-source your power, you will become your own healer and a master of your frequency.

A more thorough and specific tool for mastering your frequency is to practice what I call the Harmonic Living Equations. They consist of using the four intentions: surrender, awareness, full-engagement, and non-attachment. I cover the use of these four intentions at some length, in my book, Liquid Mirror, as well as our new E-book, Surfing the Transformational Waves of 2012. Practicing and excelling in the use of these four intentions puts you in the captain seat of your destiny. This practice opens your energy channels and empowers you to practice piercing presence so you can intentionally broaden your frequency. This is a valuable tool because your frequency informs the universe of what to mirror in your life here in 3D and will navigate you to the dimensional plane of like frequency during your transition of ascension.

Another tool that we use to free our souls from density is the practice of recapitulation. Recapitulation is a healing technique used to mend your relationships through forgiveness and apology. Your relationships are a reflection of your relationship with God. As you practice unconditional love and let go of resentments, you deepen your relationship with God. Recapitulation can even be done with loved ones that have passed on. In the Toltec tradition, they go to the extent of making an inventory of all of their relationships and intentionally heal each one. Such a practice not only creates peace in your life, but it provides a way for you to practice love even with your most emotionally charged relationships. And if love is the reason for existence, the lesson of our incarnation, and our ticket to the 5th dimension, then practicing love is our priority!

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