How Many Soulmates Do You Have

By Margaret VanLaan Martin

What is your belief system about soulmates? Are you like most people, thinking that your soulmate is one perfect lover, made specifically for you?

Why did you choose to have such a limited belief about soulmates? I believe that we have many soulmates; I believe that we have soulmates so that we can learn our lessons in this lifetime.

Are the relationships in our lives a coincidence? I think not! A vast synchronicity argues that nothing is by chance.

I believe our soulmates can be lovers, friends, family, parents, siblings, children, teachers, companions, office partners, people from work, people whom we know from our different groups. We can have lots and lots and lots of different soulmates, and they are all there to help us get our information. I believe pets can be soulmates, too!


Our Soul’s Plan Age_of_Aquarius_1-6

My friend Cara Gubbins, an amazing animal intuitive, really spoke the truth as I understand it about our soul’s plan. Cara says, “From a spiritual point of view, souls come into this life with a plan and souls often have agreements with other souls that will be part of their lives here on Earth. Sometimes these agreements are called ‘soul contracts’ or ‘spiritual contracts.’ The bottom line is that we have lessons to learn together. And soul contracts are not just between humans. They can also be between humans and the animals in their lives. We are connected to the souls of each other and to the souls of our pets.”

The soul is a spiritual essence and energy force that never dies—it can be shared and remembered, producing a love as deep and meaningful as the soul itself. I know I wish that soulmates had clear sailing on their voyage to learn their lessons! Instead I know that we all have obstacles with our soulmates, sometimes more with one than another. We share with each soulmate many memories that will be invoked and many lessons to be learned. This prepares us for even greater excursions into life and love.

A soulmate is exactly what it says—it is a mate of the soul; it refers to a dual service, sharing a sole connection with another to get and give information and learn life lessons. Soulmates are compatible because of their soul development’s being at the same level. They work together to complete lessons, sometimes easily, sometimes by suffering and disagreements. The soulmate relationship does not need to be perfect; otherwise it might be painfully dull. Soulmates may pick up on each other’s thoughts even if they disagree with what the other person is thinking.


Choosing Your Perfect Love Soulmate

Even though we can have lots of soulmates, did you know that when you are truly looking for the soulmate who will be your life partner, you can be a major influence in the process?

Have you ever wondered how to receive a perfect relationship? How do I attract a great partner? What qualities do I want in a relationship that would be exactly right for me? Because Saint Valentine is no longer helping people marry, I suggest a written mock-up. It is easier to have the relationship you want when you use a written three-part mock-up, actually requesting from the universe exactly what you want and then through a guided meditation sending it to the universe to be fulfilled.

My family’s training said that a woman goes to college to get her husband. When I went to college I knew my job was to get married. I spent a lot of time meeting people and dating. I kissed a whole lot of frogs! I didn’t know that I could ask specifically for what I wanted in a partner, but the universe took great care of me and so I have a wonderful husband—we have been together for 40 years! I have been very blessed in the area of relationships and I would like that for you!

I offer the Soulmate Written Mock-Up as a three-session series; I give you time to be really specific about what it is that you want in a relationship. In the first session we discuss what it is that you want in the relationship and look at different options. In the second session you bring back written homework on three specific areas of the mock-up. We go over those three parts to see if there is anything else you want to add. At this time you decide if you need to sit with it longer. When you return for the third session, we do a guided meditation to bring in the relationship by putting it out to the universe so that it will come back to you.

When it is the time in your life to receive that special person for you for this lifetime, then please call me. We can work on this project together. I really love the success stories of my clients and the wonderful relationships they are in and I want that for you also.


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