How to Know God

How to Know God

Deepak Chopra

Deepak ChopraThose who missed Deepak Chopra when he came to Chico can see here what he was talking about in his new groundbreaking DVD, How to Know God. Questions such as, “Are we here by accident or is there a Creator or Divine Force that is behind our existence? Does God exist? Does God care about us? Where do we find God?” are explored in such a way that seekers of all faiths can join Deepak as he traverses the secular and sacred on the soul’s journey into the mystery of mysteries and the mind of God. We found Deepak’s blend of science and philosophy an inspiring approach for spiritual seekers in their quest “to know God.” When you take in to account some of the recent discoveries in physics and neuroscience it becomes clear that we need to update our world view and beliefs bringing them into the realms of rationality and reason.

Rahasya and Dhara, Lotus Guide

I believe that the experience of God is available to anyone regardless of his or her religious background or lack of it. The human nervous system is hardwired to experience God. God is defined as infinite intelligence and therefore infinite creativity. The universe is a manifestation of this infinite creativity. Whenever we create something in our lives, we tap into the infinite mind. The miracles that are described in every spiritual tradition are manifestations of the creativity that we have access to when we tap into “the mind of God.” Einstein once said, “I want to know how God thinks; everything else is a detail.” How do we know God? All creative impulses share certain things in common. These include intended outcome, information gathering, incubation (as happens in meditation and prayer), insight, inspiration, implementation, and integration. Creativity is a quantum leap in our consciousness. When we understand how miraculous healing occurs and why desires sometimes get fulfilled without any conscious effort on our part, then we have the ability to cocreate (with God) anything in our lives. Science has usually considered things such as the remembrance of former lifetimes, synchronicities, telepathy, extrasensory perception, prophecy, and remote healing as anomalies. I believe if people understand the mechanics of such events, they too can consciously create them. There are three levels of reality—physical, mental, and spiritual (also called material, quantum, and virtual). Our biological responses to reality and the more sophisticated responses of the human nervous system allow us to tap into the infinite mind. These responses are as follows:

  • Restful awareness, which is being centered in the midst of chaos and confusion.
  • The intuitive response, which is using a nonrational, contextual, relational, holistic, nourishing intelligence that we all have, often described as a feeling from the heart or a gut feeling.
  • The creative response, which is the ability to create something that never existed before but also the ability to cocreate the events of our lives.
  • The visionary response, which is the ability to access the mind of enlightened beings and also our spiritual inheritance.
  • The sacred response, which is to become one with God or Infinite Mind.

As we become familiar with these higher states of consciousness, our nervous systems correspondingly change so that we perceive things that we usually wouldn’t in our normal waking state of consciousness. We begin to understand what Muhammad may have experienced when the angel Gabriel visited him, what Moses may have heard when he confronted God, or how Jesus may have performed the 35 miracles described in the New Testament. To know God is to empower oneself and to understand that a spark of the divinity that great prophets experienced inside themselves is also present in every being. When we pay attention to this spark and nurture it, it can become a brilliant flame that can transform our lives and all those who are affected by them.

How to Know God is now available on DVD at or for $19.98. Running time: 67 minutes. Produced by Chopra Media and Frank Productions. ©2006 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.