Make a Living at Your Higher Calling

University of Mount Shasta

How to Make a Living at Your Higher Calling in One Year

Joa Janakoayas


What Is One’s Higher Calling?

Joa JanakoayasYour higher calling is a more direct expression of your authentic joy. We are all evolving in consciousness throughout our lives, and what we do reflects this. Early in my life I was a gardener. Then I got tired of pulling weeds, and I became a creative landscaper. Then I had a spiritual awakening, and I became a Tarot card reader and energy healer.

Notice that the more conscious we become the less we seem to do and the greater impact we make. When I was pulling weeds I was working the hardest but making far less impact than I do today as an educator of spiritual psychology. My work does not feel like work. It is more of an expression of my joyful being. It is a spiritual truth: Our being makes a far greater difference than our doing. For example, a spiritual master appears to do nothing but smile, meditate, and speak if we are lucky, and yet thousands of people are affected.

So, as we awaken spiritually, we find our higher calling is a surrendering of what we thought we had to do to simply allow our natural joy to be expressed.


Why Aren’t More People Doing Their Higher Calling?

Most people are just surviving. They are simply doing what they have been told to do. We were taught that “success is the key to happiness.”

This belief that “I’ll be happy when …” keeps us on an exhausting treadmill, perpetually hoping that someday we will get there.

The final goal is being wealthy enough to retire. Look at that word re-tire—to become “tired again.” And this is what happens to people who lack awareness of their spiritual purpose; they work too hard and eventually become sick, and tired.

Upon spiritual awakening, we realize happiness isn’t a pursuit. The Buddha said: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” I believe our simple purpose of life is to find our happiness and share it.

Spiritual awakening is the discovery of your natural inner joy here and now. We realize the deeper self, or soul, is authentic happiness.

We believe anyone can be happy, joyous, and free now … by being connected with his or her authentic self, or soul.

Back to answering your question … actually today more and more people are discovering their inner happiness and higher calling.

A 2017 Pew research survey says that more than 27 percent of Americans declare themselves as spiritual but not religious, and another 59 percent declare themselves religious and spiritual. So spiritual awakening is on the rise big-time.


How Can One Know if One Is Having a Spiritual Awakening?

There are many signs and symptoms.

One hallmark sign is the feeling that you do not fit into our dysfunctional society. This leads one to want to break out of conformity and find his or her own path, which can be frightening. To become true to yourself is a birthing process that can be both painful and a celebration. As we give birth to our authentic self, we discover our higher calling to break the dysfunctional status quo. Everyone does it in his or her own unique way, and this is how our world is getting changed.


So How Is It Possible a Person Can Do His Higher Calling in One Year?

For the spiritually unawakened it is not possible. The current education system is designed for the spiritually unawakened. There is very little emphasis on learning from one’s own intuition, and so becoming educated is a long, arduous, and expensive process.

At the University of Mount Shasta, we discovered that people who have had a spiritual awakening learn differently. They are getting in touch with their own inner knowing, wisdom, and power to heal and resolve virtually any kind of issue, and our holistic technologies accelerate this process.

We designed our education around each student’s healing and spiritual awakening process, and we were fortunate to discover tools that clear away the human dross very fast. They go through an accelerated integration that frees them of their past pain memories, decodes their unique mission, and unlocks their courage to launch their holistic practice in 11 months, before they graduate!

I have been through a lot of education, including two master’s degrees, and none of it helped me find work afterward. So it has been my mission to change that. I believe that the responsibility of education is to get people working and prospering at what they love doing the most—immediately.


What Gives Your Students the Credibility to Attract Clients?

University of Mt ShastaTraditionally, credibility comes from what corporate establishments dictate. If you pass the medical exams, you become a doctor and you can have a practice. People can trust you. But today, things have changed. Malpractice suits are at an all-time high. People of consciousness have lost trust in the corporate world.

Nowadays, for every challenge in life, we have alternative choices. For example, if you had cancer, to whom would you give greater credibility? An oncologist who tells you that you have a 50 percent chance of survival after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy … or people on YouTube who have already healed themselves of the same kind of cancer via natural self-healing methods?

Coaching has exploded to the number two industry in the world behind information technology because people are giving more credibility to their honest experiences than to what they are being told by corporate “experts.”

Everyone’s greatest desire in life (whether conscious of this or not) is to be happier. Generally speaking, spiritually awakened people are happier. Thus, people are naturally drawn to what spiritually awakened people have to offer because it is less about credentials and more about the vibration. For example, most people aren’t aware of Eckhart Tolle’s credentials except that he spent years on London park benches. It is his spiritually awakened presence that draws seekers to him. For every spiritually awakened person there are millions of people who would benefit from his or her vibration.

To make a long story short, what gives our graduates credibility is their high vibration earned from getting free of their human issues, the sharing of their own “hero’s journey,” the wisdom of how they overcame their own personal challenges, their belief in their authentic selves, and their natural joy.