Human by Design-Gregg Braden

Human by Design-Gregg Braden

gregg braden-1 Our interview with Gregg Braden is the third in a series of interviews we did with Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza on a variety of subjects that focus on taking back our power by being responsible, not only for ourselves but for the world around us. Gregg is an internationally renowned pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and the real world we all live in. Gregg’s accomplishments and rewards are far too numerous to list but the fact that his discoveries have been shared in 33 countries and 38 languages speaks for itself. In recent years he has presented his seminars and trainings to Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. military, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC and NBC.

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Lotus Guide: I know this hour is going to pass by rather quickly so let me just dive straight into this.


Gregg Braden: I will follow your lead, brother, wherever you would like to go.


LG: OK … here we go. Many years ago, Plotinus said, “Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts.” Now with science coming back into the picture with genetics and DNA research, it is clear that Darwin’s theory is unraveling but not in the way organized religion was hoping.


GB: Well, the unraveling has been happening for 150 years from the time that Charles Darwin proposed his theory of

evolution in 1859; immediately mainstream scientists at that time were not on board with with his theory, and my newest book, it’s called Human by Design. I’ve actually got quote after quote after quote from very well-known scientists from the 1850s all the way up into the the late 20th century, because the thinking is that all scientists are on board with this idea, with this story, and the reality is that the story has had problems from the very beginning. So the unraveling is actually happening in mainstream perception. My book is based on peer-reviewed science so I hope it will help clear up some of the misconceptions.

What’s changed in the last five or six years is that the DNA evidence is showing that we did not evolve from the Neanderthal; it shows clearly that we appeared suddenly on Earth around 200,000 years ago. The real question is “where did we come from” because there appears to be no evolutionary path; we just showed up.

[Gregg went deep into the forensic DNA evidence showing that our genome has been tweaked, that there’s been a genetic fusion in Chromosome #2, for example, that cannot happen under natural conditions. Chromosome #2 gives us the abilities of empathy, sympathy, and compassion. This is backed up in an interview I did with Dr. Bruce Lipton on this subject.]

It’s interesting that there’s been a reversal in Chromosome #7 that gives us the ability for complex speech. We might say that Chromosome #2 and #7 were a fluke but they happened at the same exact time around 200,000 years ago. Let me be clear on this; I’m a scientist and I do believe in evolution in most forms of plants and animals, but the theory breaks down when it comes to humans.


LG: The next obvious question is: “What caused this genetic manipulation?”


GB: Well, at this point we really don’t know. The problem is that in the academic circles and universities, they are following the wrong story so we need to come to grips with this and realign ourselves with new evidence. As a scie

ntist I lost credibility in the scientific circles the moment I started talking about spirituality, but this gives me the freedom now to speak about things like this as I see them that are backed up with hard evidence.

I want to make a distinction because there’s a huge difference between trying to fit all of the evidence that is recovered into a preexisting story or theory, which is what we’re trying to do now, or following the evidence and allowing the evidence to tell us the new story, and my invitation for mainstream science is to do just that—to allow our young people to follow the new evidence to the story it tells so we can answer the question that you’ve just asked, which is what caused this genetic manipulation?

Now, as a scientist I cannot tell you what or how that happened. However, I have sat down with and studied many indigenous tribes and cultures all over the world and every one of them that I studied says the same thing, which is in our distant past we had intervention from what they perceived to be “the gods.” As we start getting into the science, we get into an area called “Forbidden Territory,” which implies that there was an intentionality in what happened suddenly to our DNA, which implies that there was a purpose and we are more than random mutations.

I’ve sat down and had long conversations with Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza about the fact that we are the only species that can “self-regulate our biology,” meaning that we can do things like activate anti-aging enzymes, access deep states of intuition, and choose to go into a gamma brain state that Joe Dispenza talks about that’s necessary for healing. This is only possible because of the changes that were made in our DNA 200,000 years ago. The possibility that we were and are intended to access these extraordinary states of consciousness opens the door to many latent abilities.


LG: It has to make you wonder what may be locked up in our “junk” DNA; we could have the ability to unlock photosynthesis, where we could absorb photon energy directly and skip the animal/vegetable process altogether.

OK, Gregg, I have a feeling you will have something interesting to say regarding my next question. I have many “spiritual” friends who stay in touch with the reality around them and take corrective actions—civil disobedience, protest, and so on. But I have other “spiritual” friends with whom I can’t even bring up things like geoengineering or vaccinations because they are afraid that by giving it energy they will manifest it in their world. Anyone who thinks knows that we are at the edge of the cliff right now, so I was wondering how you balance this in your own life.

[I really hope you go to and watch this interview because there are many subtle nuances that would require pages to transcribe but are very important.]


GB: That’s a complex question so let me say this: We are all on a spiritual journey, a journey of discovery and defining our relationships with each other and the cosmos. The problem with the New Age Movement, and I saw this starting back in the ’80s, people will take these ideas and take them to the extreme. I have friends who are in that same place also; they are in the extreme with some of the New Age ideas, like if they think about something it will manifest in their lives. This is where well-grounded science comes in because with all its shortcomings, it can help us weed out a lot of these ideas that simply are not true. I have five friends who tried to heal themselves with New Age principles but never followed through and they are no longer with us. Some of the New Age principles have been with us for a very long time and they can be found within many of the indigenous cultures still today.


[We went on to discuss how thoughts need to be infused with emotional energy to give them any power to manifest. We talked about chemtrails, Fukushima and the radiation that’s being released still, and how those are realities that need to be addressed, not only on the spiritual/consciousness level, but also in our three-dimensional reality. Gregg Braden is an artist when it comes to making very complex problems clear enough for solutions to appear.

 After my interviews with Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza, my feeling is that the conflict we see in religion and science has to do with polarized perceptions and agendas that limit our understanding. Most people who take a stand on this debate try desperately to fit new facts into their theories instead of opening up to the idea that the truth might lie deep within other views. In my talks with Bruce Lipton he showed me how science, especially in the academic circles, is guilty of this and even call some of their theories a “dogma” in their textbooks.]

I’m going to slide in one more of the many questions I asked that seem to be pertinent in today’s world.


LG: It seems to me that as we pull back the curtain on what’s been going on behind the scenes, we are seeing the true nature of the control systems. They are dark, narcissistic, pathological, and dangerous, but the power they have has existed through secrecy and the secret is out … things are not as we thought and all is not well. What are your thoughts on this?


GB: The veil or curtain has been pulled back for a long time. I think what’s happening now is that people are becoming aware and they are open to that awareness because they see the world is changing and this is forcing people to be open to new ideas. This is something I’ve talked about for a very long time. As a scientist I recognize cycles in nature and cycles aren’t talked about here in Western science very much. We’re living in the convergence of three cycles that we’ve haven’t seen in over 5,000 years. The climate cycles, economic cycles, and human conflict cycles that follow natural rhythms; all of which are converging and they’re turning our world upside down and people now recognize that something has to change, and the only things that are lighting up when the veil is pulled are the things that are not sustainable, and all the things that are sustainable and true are no problem. It’s the unsustainable things that are based on lies or based on false thinking that show up as problems. The big difference is that many people are waking up to a higher level of consciousness that responds and takes action when faced with truth … no matter how difficult it may be. I have a lot of respect for some good politicians out there but the system is so broken it’s very difficult, even with the best of intentions I think, for politicians to do what their hearts lead them to do.


(At this point Gregg told me an interesting story, one that I have run into myself, about a gentleman who came up to him at a talk in Washington, DC. The person was from an undisclosed agency and he told Gregg that there are many people within the government who are familiar with some of the things Gregg was talking about and who know the time for change is upon us. He went on to say some very interesting things that are going on behind the scenes and his respect for whistleblowers. This came up when I interviewed Kevin Shipp, an ex-CIA agent turned whistleblower and the author of A Company of Shadows. I spoke to him of my concern on covering these topics and putting myself out there and his response was, “You should not be concerned; there are millions of us waking up to the need for a new vision of the world we live in and the need to stand up for what’s right and true.” But we are living in a world that is going through a huge transition and that is always filled with danger, but the time for hanging on to old, outdated, and aggressive thinking in a world filled with advanced technology would be far more dangerous in my opinion. Bertrand Russell once said that he would never die for his beliefs because he could be wrong, I would add to that that I would never kill for my beliefs … because I could be wrong. The one thing I know I’m not wrong about is the fact that we all have a right to live on this planet and pursue our path toward awakening and leaving this planet a better place than when we came. … I sincerely thank everyone who reads my articles and understands that this is the foundation and intent of everything I do


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