In Perfect Harmony

Pam Jamian

Unifying Elements of Life

by Pamela Jamian

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.” – Marcus Aurelius

“The adventure is to discover the creative solutions that most appeal to you.” – Deepak Chopra

Music is created with certain unifying elements that include sound, melody, harmony, and rhythm. When these elements are combined to communicate an uplifting musical message such as “My Heart Will Go On” (movie theme from Titanic), we are inspired to feel hope when things seem hopeless. Yet these same musical elements can combine as dissonant musical riffs that convey the terror incited by a big screen image of an approaching shark! Screaming on the edge of our seats viewing the movie Jaws is a memory that may never fade away, despite decades gone by.

These unifying elements of music can also be understood as profound metaphors for certain unifying elements of life through which the life force emerges, takes expression, and holds everything in place. Life elements such as being, vision, imagination, and presence.

We are living in an era that challenges the harmonic intention of our individual and collective human experience, perhaps more boldly than it ever has.  To better enable the perfect harmony of our sacred birthright, let’s examine how these unifying elements of music and life are related to our sacred human experience in a life-sustaining creation.

  • Sound and Being – A sacred human experience originates with recognizing ourselves and each other as beings of expression within the unified will-to-good. We “play in tune” with the will-to-good and all beings by first tuning up with our spiritual source.  Just as a concert master directs tuning the orchestra’s instruments to a common frequency, we can use sound in our spiritual practice to increase the vibrational awareness of our innermost bein We can do this by including sound techniques such as chant, toning, drone, mantra, or centering thought in our meditations.  Once our innermost being is vibrationally tuned, we more readily connect with the divine guidance of our spiritual source.
  • Melody and Vision – A sacred human experience continues when we envision life-sustaining spiritual qualities for everyone such as peace, joy, and compassion. Just like a melody tells a musical story that we recognize and feel, a spirit-inspired vision encapsulates and radiates the energy and information that ultimately generate life-sustaining stories and forms. With contemplative sight awareness, see and ask your spirit-inspired vision what gift it has for you and what you can do to serve its purpose.
  • Harmony and Imagination – For harmony to exist, there needs to be more than one musical note sounding at once. Harmony builds layers of complementary sounds that resonate with and enhance melodic themes and musical chord progressions. A sacred human experience includes building and sharing one’s heart-felt expressions alongside the heart-felt expressions of others as we co-create life-sustaining solutions together. What do you love to do? Imagine doing it with glorious, heart-felt detail! Use dedicated time and space to do what you love often. Connect with others who share harmonious heart-felt expressions. And love the one you’re with.
  • Rhythm and Presence – Just as rhythm is music’s pattern in time, there is an internal primordial pulse within the spiritual source of all expression. When we play, dance, or move to music together, rhythm keeps us entrained, moving with the same beat in synchronistic patterns. Similarly, a sacred human experience recognizes the rhythm of the internal primordial pulse that brings energy, information, people, circumstances, things, and experiences together. This primordial pulse can be likened to the presence of one’s spiritual source. Awareness of spiritual presence can be used as a compass for thinking, feeling, choosing, speaking, and doing. Does your awareness of spiritual presence expand, continue, fade, or stop?  Let your awareness of spiritual presence serve as your guide to keep your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and activities in rhythm with the spiritual qualities of a life-sustaining creation.  And the beat of our sacred human experience goes on!

Just like music, life expresses harmony and/or dissonance contingent on the songs we keep repeating in our hearts and minds. And our sacred human experience is embodied in our lives when we realize that:

  • a life-sustaining creation originates from spiritual qualities serving as a sure foundation for the endless possibilities of life-sustaining stories and forms
  • being grounded in spiritual presence while living in the moment in harmony with others is a sure way forward for our sacred human experience within a life-sustaining creation.

May our sacred human experience, both individual and collective, nourish and flourish the fulfillment of a life-sustaining creation.

Pamela Jamian worked for over 30 years in Texas and California as a professional musician and health plans business leader. She has an avid interest in diverse spiritual practices, music, the practical application of spirituality to everyday life, and sociological evolution. Pamela lives in Canyon Lake, Texas. More about Pamela at

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