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The Spiritual Activist Radio Show is a community supported non-profit project sponsored by the Charitable Partnership Fund so this is also where you can show your support and keep free independent media alive and well, along with the First Amendment which is under attack daily.

The show is called “Spiritual Activist Radio with Rahasya…Uncensored.”  The reason for this is because after many years of looking, and dealing, with life’s problems I have come to understand that they are by their very nature, “Spiritual/Consciousness” problems which means that the solutions need to be Spiritual solutions. When I use the word ‘Spiritual’ I could just as easily use the word “Consciousness.”

Albert Einstein once said that we will never find the solutions from the same level of thinking/consciousness that created the problems.  I’m sure you have noticed that no matter what we do we end up making it worse.  Over the past few centuries the only thing we have progressed at is to come up with more efficient ways to annihilate each other and destroy the world around us.  Martin Luther King once said that “We have guided missiles and misguided souls.

We have cut ourselves off from the very nature around us that supports us and we need to reconnect. Without an evolution of consciousness…this will not happen.  The answers we seek lie within.

So we all need to be a “Spiritual Activist” which simply means that we need to take action in the world around us using a higher level of awareness. Our world leaders, sorry to say, are on legal and illegal drugs and for the most part are sociopaths making decisions about our lives.  It’s time to Wake Up from THEIR madness!

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You are not alone when you get this feeling that something amazing is happening even in the face of all the chaos and destruction in our world. Our strength lies in our ability to come together with other like-minds and together we can and will change the world…Join Me and millions of others.

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Robert Kennedy Jr


We are working closely with the law firm that Robert Kennedy Jr. represents because we feel that they not only have the integrity but also the financial resources it will take to hold PG&E financially responsible.

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