Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Rahasya Poe

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Lotus Guide: Hello, Barbara. I really appreciate your taking your time to do this interview and before we get started, I would like to give you an idea of where I’m coming from. Our magazine, the Lotus Guide, is starting to reach into the mainstream and we’re always looking for ways to bring new information to readers in such a way that it’s comprehensible to them. I really think that the only thing going for us is a global shift of consciousness. This is why it’s so important to bring this to the mainstream because without a shift I’m not sure if they’re going to be able to figure this out or be prepared for what’s coming.

Barbara Marx Hubbard: I think that’s very wise. I used to be more mainstream myself when I lived in Washington, DC, where I was involved with Congress and the peace movement. Then I came to California [laugh] and got involved more into the spiritual movement.

LG: When I hear you talk, Barbara, I hear a firmness of conviction and am curious as to where that comes from.

BMH: My firmness of conviction comes from inner experience and lots of study with people like Peter de Chardin, Buckminster Fuller, and many others. This all led me to realize that we are in a time of planetary shift, along with a breakdown of many of our systems that are mostly covered by the media because a lot of attention is being placed on what is breaking down. So I have become interested in what is breaking through, and in my study of evolution I’ve seen that crisis always precedes evolution and problems are always evolutionary drivers.

LG: I’ve always liked reading people like Pierre de Chardin and Lewis Thomas, who wrote a book called The Lives of Cells. I definitely lean toward the idea that the earth is a living organism but we have definitely lost touch with this information. I think it’s important to get this connection back with nature because this is where our solutions and answers are going to come from.

BMH: Yes, reconnecting with Earth and even deeper, I would say connecting with the nature of evolutionary transformation. The creation of Earth itself was pretty amazing and then came bacteria, single-celled organisms, then the biosphere formed, then animal life and early human life, then the great avatars of life and civilization. Now I see that what we’re getting in touch with is the emergence of a planetary culture of a cocreative humanity where science and technology completely transcends the creature human condition. Biotech, nanotech, quantum computing, the whole Internet system where everything is connected. I think we’re getting connected with the emergence and it may be perfectly true that something is failing and dying—a certain form of growth and consciousness just like the Neanderthal epoch, when we shifted to Homo sapiens, which was a shift of species. Now we’ve had self-reflective consciousness for around 50,000 years, which seems to have given birth to a more evolutionary whole-system consciousness that’s barely surfaced to the general public but certainly is at the growing edge of intelligent people.

LG: And it seems like, if the past holds true, that there is a consciousness underneath the fabric of space that continually attempts to reorganize itself into higher and more complex forms; in other words, atoms forming into molecules, molecules forming into cells, and so on. Now here we are at the leading edge of this process as human beings and if the consciousness that’s manifesting and vibrating through the quantum field in the fabric of space and time is still at work, then the next step will be for human beings and possibly all beings to continue to connect to form another higher and even more complex form of conscious being, and I suppose in this case it would be a global or planetary consciousness. Indeed, it seems as if this is what we’re doing even at this moment through the Internet, connecting in the outer world, but on a deeper level this is just an outer manifestation of what’s happening on an inner spiritual level.

BMH: Exactly, and I think if you look at the Internet and the search engines as a, in Pierre de Chardin’s language, a “noosphere which is a sphere of mind or conscious connectivity that surrounds the planet,”[there were no end quotes on this, but it seemed they might belong right around here so I added them; can you verify?] you start to get the idea that something is going on here that’s quite amazing. The whole planet is interacting at an unprecedented level and in some cases instantaneously. So for me we’re at a threshold point and the question is what will tip the balance toward a more positive outcome.

LG: I did an interview with Roland McCraty, the lead researcher for HeartMath, and he pointed out the importance of bringing the heart into coherence with the brain because it’s at this point that a higher level of consciousness manifests. And I know in myself I can sense a new emotional awareness and sensitivity that I can’t quite explain at this point but I can actually feel it in a part of my body just below my heart. Even though we’re talking right now over the Internet I can feel a feeling in that part of my body that I can sense as coming from you and this is all new to me.

BMH: Indeed, you know the word “resonance” (re-sounding) is a vibration that affects the field which is the morphogenic field that Rupert Sheldrake coined. It’s a field that’s affected by thought and behavior and is constantly learning. And I feel that this talk, along with all of the other information from cell phones, computers, and radio are affecting the field, which is a form of consciousness. So the more we can fill it with loving creativity the easier it will be for others to connect to this field. During my life I’ve always had a passion and respect for high technology, especially since the advent of the atomic bomb, which is when I realized that human consciousness had reached the point to where it could actually have an effect one way or another on its own evolution. All of a sudden we had a new power, the power that we used to attribute to God, the power to destroy. I was 15 years old when they dropped the bomb and it caused me to ask the question, which is “What is the meaning of our new power that’s good?”

LG: I was talking to Bruce Lipton about the evolution of consciousness and he pointed out that consciousness has been fairly automatic up until this point and now with our interaction in the process we’ve changed the game. This is why I say that what used to be the evolution of consciousness has now become a conscious evolution. And as they say, this is the good news and bad news.

BMH: Exactly. One of the things that I have pointed out over the years is that consciousness itself is having a breakthrough. We are creations of the evolutionary process and here we are becoming conscious of this evolutionary process. I believe that we will see this jump is every bit as important as the self-reflective jump that we took many thousands of years ago as Homo sapiens. I call this “homouniversalis,” because I think what’s emerging is a universal human and this new level of being or consciousness is connected through the heart. And if you connect this with the technologies that are arriving on the scene, you begin to see a universal species emerging. We just need to get through this crisis of evolution. We’re calling this transition a birth of a universal species.

LG: And like a birth, there comes a point in the pregnancy where there’s no changing your mind and we are well past that point, I believe. It’s really difficult to wrap your head around this because it’s completely unprecedented in human history to have a consciousness that is connected with other conscious beings and the planet itself. This would explain what is mistakenly called junk DNA and the fact that we use such a small percentage of our brain, and any biologist will tell you there must be a reason why we’ve hung onto this through so many generations without phasing it out. I think this is important to realize because it seems like we have the inner mechanisms already in place for this transformation.

BMH: We already know that language affects DNA and when you articulate an idea, especially if it has a spiritual force behind it, the effect is even greater. This is what’s called epigenetics. Then just think about the noosphere being interviews with conversations like this and millions of others—you have to ask yourself, “What kind of an effect is that having on the evolving consciousness?” This is especially important when two people like us get together because it’s due to the resonance that the vibration is amplified to the unified field and has a greater effect on the outcome.

Watch the complete interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard. She will take you on a journey of mind and evolution that can only come through personal experience and vision that can truly be called “the wisdom of the ages.” This interview was a delight!