Interview with Eric Pearl of Reconnection


Lotus Guide: You’re actually catching me at an interesting time in my life. My father recently passed away so I’m looking for a deeper understanding of life. It seems to me that our planet is entering into a different frequency (it’s my understanding that as we move into higher frequencies, both individually and collectively, that we are becoming much more responsive to energetic communications and healings). So I’m curious if you had a particular moment when you tuned into this information and teaching or was it gradual?

Eric Pearl: Well, you can’t really attribute it to any one specific moment. The reality is, my mother died giving birth to me and came back. There are people that think that that had something to do with it since I was attached to the umbilical cord at the time. It was a very interesting experience, which I think I’ll take a few moments to share because I think it relates to what’s going on in your life at this time also.

(What Dr. Pearl has to say here about his mother’s experience is so delicate that I hesitate to transcribe it because a lot can be captured in his voice, but you can watch the entire interview online at This was more of a personal gift to me but you are welcome to share it with us.)

LG: Was there a specific moment in time when you felt or experienced what you are teaching today?

EP: Well, there was a moment in time when I felt a presence in my house, and a lamp turned on a bit mysteriously. And the following Monday when I went into work, several of my clients were reporting spontaneous healings. They were also saying that they were feeling little muscles in their eyebrows being pulled slightly, and they felt hands resting gently on them, and they smelt fragrances. I was getting reports of people getting up out of wheelchairs, their vision returning, children with cerebral palsy were able to walk around and play and not have seizures any longer. I can’t say that 100 percent of the people responded this way but a significant number did, and their doctors were calling me asking me what did I do. I said I did nothing. And pretty soon everybody started coming in from everywhere asking for healing, saying, “Whatever you did for them, please do for me.”

            The next thing I knew, people were asking me to start teaching this method of healing. But I said, “You’ve got to be insane because all I’m doing is standing here moving my hands in the air and being sensitive to the touch.” It was a very strange time because a lot of my clients, when I would go to visit them, their garage doors would open automatically, they would feel sensations on their hands, and I would walk inside their house and their television would turn itself on and off. Basically what you found was that once we started going into the expanded comprehensive spectrum of healing, that it takes us beyond the energy healing techniques we’ve had traditionally. When this happens, it changes something within us. You might even say that it activates something that is dormant within us. It allows us to not only feel and access our own feelings, which feel loss, but also allows us to heal others.

LG: I suppose we should get going with interviewing you about what you do. In the Bible they talk about the apocalypse, but the true meaning of the word apocalypse is “a lifting of the veil.” Do you think that we are raising our frequencies into higher realms and picking up more information that is going to help us heal and to heal others?

EP: I absolutely do. We have been existing in a bubble bounded by the illusion of time and space and we have been accessing tiny areas of this bubble and coming up with different healing modalities. These are different healing techniques that we’ve come up with—many different names, different feelings, different subsets of energy—but what we’re learning is when you let go of all of these techniques you open up to the entire energy field of healing. We’ve been using techniques, like Reiki, chi gong, and many others, but now are learning that the true gift of healing comes when you transcend the techniques and access the energy and awaken something that’s been dormant within us.

            We’re actually reconnecting with something within us that is timeless, and at the same time realizing that we’re stepping into something, discovering something that is new.

LG: You know, I can really resonate with what you’re saying here about going beyond techniques because I recently wrote a book about belief systems and how those very belief systems can filter out really important information. When my father died, since I didn’t have a belief system to compartmentalize a lot of my feelings and thoughts, I found myself face-to-face with the mystery. At that point I didn’t see why religious belief systems are so alluring to so many people because they are something to lean on in times like this. But, and I’m speaking only for myself, I would rather come face-to-face with the mystery of life and death without all of these filters and support systems. I really think that we are approaching a time when it’s becoming important to let go of all of the labels, the politics, the structures, the religions, the ideologies in the mythologies, and peer into the mystery and start really listening to that still, quiet voice.

EP: I know you’ve read Solomon Speaks but you really need to read the Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. It’s the story of my mother’s life-after-death experience. It was a difficult book to write because I spent so much time with her trying to get the words and concepts right but she continuously told me that we simply do not have the words to express the experience of the beauty that was there.

LG: That’s why it’s so important for the people listening to this interview to, in a Heinleinian sense, grok this information. As we take in information we try to fit it into old paradigms.

EP: We cannot fit this information into old paradigms; old paradigms fit into this information. Reconnective healings are so much more dramatic and comprehensive than most healing techniques. They also tend to be instantaneous and lifelong. When I first started talking about it to people around the world they tried to fit it into their preconceived toolbox, thinking it was just another tool for their toolbox. But the truth is that the toolbox fits inside of this, but the ego attempts to hang on to the techniques and this is exactly what prevents you from accessing this healing energy.

At this point we went on to talk about the importance of balance when it comes to the ego and the ability to access true healing energies. My wife and I took his workshop and met with Eric and I have to say that I was able to sense and feel what he was talking about. It’s a subtle feeling but with the training we were able to understand what reconnective healing was about. Be sure to watch the entire interview at


Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide