Interview with Foster Gamble Creator of the Documentary Thrive

There’s one thing that most journalists and researchers agree on when looking for truth amidst piles of deception, “follow the money.” This is a good rule of thumb and possibly the onlything we have to go on sometimes when coming up with solutions to today’s problems, Read my interview with Foster Gamble, creator of the film THRIVE to see how we can turn this around…if we take action. So let’s follow the money and see where it leads, I’ll give you a hint…

Interview with Foster Gamble, Creator of the Documentary Thrive

We live in a world where far too many people are ignorant of the true reality in which we find ourselves. It’s very important to see the world as it is and take action, but to do this and do it successfully will take many of us banding together, much like the Occupy movement and many others. There are more than 1 million organizations worldwide whose sole intention is to make the world a safer and better place to live. I encourage you to visit, where you will find an abundance of information and links along with solutions on how we can all work together to make this world a better place to live and for our children to grow up in. To watch the full interview online visit

Lotus Guide: We talked briefly about the importance of technology, which brings up an important point for me. I’m not too sure that we have enough left of the old system to correct itself. This tells me that a conscious and deliberate dismantling of some of the old paradigms might be more important than we think while we still have some infrastructure left, like the Internet for instance. Because it seems to me that if we drive this to its ultimate end we’re either going to live in a police state or we are going to completely wipe out civilization as we know it. What are your thoughts on this?

Foster Gamble: Well, I agree with you that we are at a very critical fork in the road. I mentioned in the movie Thrive that if we keep going in the direction that we’re going it’s only going to get more constricted as the powers that be gain more control. With the current technology they have the ability for control that the tyrants in the past could only dream of. I must say that right now I’m more optimistic than I have been in the last 10 years with the kind of emergence of consciousness, responsibility, and information, especially the kind of information that you’re bringing out so that people can actually begin to get an accurate assessment of their reality.

I know from my martial arts experience the number one imperative of protecting yourself is an accurate assessment of your reality. It’s uncomfortable for a lot of people, as it was for me also, to face the domination agenda that we’re facing with a truly destructive intent. You and I don’t get up every day trying to figure out how to control other people’s lives but until we acknowledge the fact that there are people that do this we’re not going to be able to come up with solutions to the problems we face.

With a combination of spirit and activism that’s actually going on all over the world, coupled with the Internet, which allows everyone to communicate and strategize, it’s allowing movements like the Occupy movement and to be part of a worldwide revolution. The jury is still out as to how successful it will be but I’m very excited to see the emergence of a new consciousness with the incredible power of the human spirit that I’m seeing everywhere. If this continues, and I think it will continue, I can see us approaching a tipping point within the next decade or two of actually turning this around.


LG: When you say tipping point, it brings up the mental image of the scale and for many years we have been piling things on the scale that hasn’t been moving but it’s reached this point now where every little thing we do is starting to tip that scale.

FG: I can see that the world has reached a saturation point where every little drop is making a difference now. I know you’ve done a lot of work that I really admire because you have been able to stand back and look at beliefs and belief systems and I think there is nothing that we can do that’s more critical at this time. Because unless you can realize that you’re operating from a worldview, you will unconsciously keep coming up with results that are in line with that worldview. The most humbling part of my path in the past 40 years has been to realize that everything that I thought I knew about our world has turned out to not be true. It’s good to get to the point where you realize that if your old worldview falls apart then it’s replaced by a new worldview.


LG: My wife and I had dinner with David Ike a while back and we discussed how most beliefs do nothing more than divide us and due to the cognitive process of our minds, we don’t see the world as it is; we see the world as we are. The first thing that happened when I started dismantling some of my beliefs that I had been indoctrinated with since I was a young child was that I felt my aloneness, my separateness with no support system. But as I continued to dismantle the beliefs that were filtering out information I started seeing the world more closely as it is and started to feel things that previously I could never have felt because it wasn’t part of my belief system.

It seems like you ran into the same thing that I did when I was doing the research for my book to find out where some of our ancient text came from. Inevitably, and it didn’t matter which culture I was looking at, the information was brought to us from beings that came down out of the sky. They helped us to build our civilizations and I know that this is a difficult one for people to handle because it challenges their worldview. So I really admire you for bringing this up and pointing it out in Thrive. (There’s much more to this part of the discussion in the YouTube video online.)

FG: There’s a quote in the movie that says, “When an honest man sees that he’s mistaken he either ceases to be mistaken or ceases to be honest.” We’re all being called to go through many moments of exactly that, of asking ourselves, “Is it more important for me in this moment to be right and to hold onto my past beliefs or to actually know the truth?” I think it’s an evolutionary imperative right now for people to wake up and realize that we’re not a mistake; we have simply been mistaken. We have been intentionally duped by the powerful elite for a long long time. The central banking system, the fractional reserve system alone, has intentionally been kept a secret from most of us for 400 years. My wife says it’s a little bit like having a serious disease—you can ignore it or you can acknowledge it and set out to find ways to cure it.


LG: I like what you had to say about alternative energy. You said you didn’t expect the film clip that you were showing to convince people that it was true and I think this is very important. People need to have their own experience. But what was it about that convinced you that we have what some people are calling Zero Point Energy?

FG: I’ve been studying physics and cosmology and spatial geometry for some time now and it led me to a realization of this fundamental pattern. And as I began to work with some of the scientists that were familiar with this Torus vortex, they begin introducing me to some of their friends who were inventors and were accessing energy in very unusual ways that were not according to any of the rules that I was taught in traditional physics. As I went around to these laboratories with engineers and physicists I would see again and again these devices and the fact that they actually do work. I remember once standing in the lab with my wife and as we looked at these devices running and using no fuel, tears came to our eyes.


LG: So at the end of the day, Foster, what can the average person actually do to help start turning this around?

FG: Well, the first thing they can do is to start taking their money out of the banks who are robbing everybody to buy yachts and homes for themselves and are also pushing the nuclear power plants by funding the major corporations that are behind those projects. Every time you take $1,000 out of a bank like that, you’re taking $10,000 worth of lending power, and if you put that money in a local bank or credit union that money stays in your community. Every time you spend money you’re voting, so check things out: Ask about the company that you’re dealing with, how did they treat their employees, where are they getting their resources. But I would say that the single most important thing that we can do for the emerging revolution, after getting rid of the central banking and the fractional reserve scam, is to fight to keep the Internet open so we can do just what we’re doing in this conversation right now. Our government, corporations, and even the UN is trying to take it over and control it. The other thing is don’t tolerate GMO food in your area. There are thousands of GMO-free zones in the world now, but there are hardly any in the United States. This problem is probably second only to the chemtrail problem as far as universal toxicity. I’m really glad you brought up the chemtrail issue in your last issue because the number two issue as far as toxicity for me is the chemtrails. We are being poisoned from the sky in almost every country on the planet and hardly anyone knows about it. It’s the grossest violation of human beings that I have ever heard of. So whatever you can do to get informed on issues like this is really important and then go and get connected with your friends.


We went on to talk about the importance of the inner work such as meditation to balance out the active work. For space reasons we had to edit our interview with Foster, so we highly encourage you to visit our YouTube channel to watch the complete interview which reveals the true intention behind the documentary Thrive.