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Optimize Your Health and Vitality with Ionized Alkaline Water

By Phyllis Humber


Alkaline waterClarity comes to mind as we step on into the New Year. Knowing where we stand is vital while navigating today’s waters of extreme change. As we stretch forward to embrace the fresh energy of 2018, we cannot help but think about the awareness that this past year’s events have created within us. What we believed and knew to be real and true begs to be confronted. What we believe needs to be reevaluated, revised, and in some cases replaced with what is appropriate to sustainability, to health, and to well-being.

Clarity couldn’t be more vital than it is now. A clear, strong mind is a direct result of a healthy functioning brain and central nervous system (CNS). Water and hydration are primary, especially water charged with oxygen (OH- ions). Drinking oxygen-rich water improves mental focus, thought processing, and mental clarity.

As simple as it sounds, fresh clean water that is hydrating can increase vitality, improve brain function, slow the aging process, and prevent disease. Water is the source of all living things and it is directly connected to our health. Within living systems, everything happens in water. Our planet is 70 percent water and the human body on the average is 70 percent water. It is vital to the living system of the human body to be sufficiently hydrated. The structural, circulatory, digestive, intestinal, glandular, respiratory, and immune systems need fresh, clean water to function properly. Without fresh, clean water, the human body starts to show symptoms of dehydration and if left unchecked, disease.


Common Symptoms of Dehydration

Brain fog,



Digestive disorders,

High blood pressure,

Toxic build-up,

Skin disorders,

Respiratory ailments,

Liver, kidney, bladder issues,

Joint pain,

Premature aging.


Vitality is the state of being strong and active, exuberant in physical and mental strength and vigor. Taking charge of our lives means taking charge of our health as well. When we experience vitality, our lives are full of endless potentials that bring joy and satisfaction. Premature aging is a premature degenerative process that affects the brain and the entire body. Although aging is inevitable, we can dramatically reduce the effects and slow down the process by the lifestyle choices we make. There are many ways to optimize our health and enjoy longer lives, and water is just one of them. Fresh, clean drinking water that is healthy and hydrating is available in the form of Kangen Ionized Alkaline water.

Kangen ionized alkaline water is the product of mild electrolysis, which takes place in the ionizing water unit. Kangen water is treated tap water that has not only been carbon filtered but has been restructured through electrolysis, which creates an abundant number of electrons, resulting in smaller water molecule clusters; this means faster absorption and a more efficient hydrating of our 75 trillion cells. Think changing the fishbowl of our cells.

Depending on the setting, Kangen water can consistently produce a pH between 10 and 1,000 times more alkaline than plain tap water with the pH of 7.0. Kangen water also neutralizes acidic wastes and has an abundance of stable oxygen molecules. At a pH of 7.0, water has an equal concentration of hydrogen (H+) and (H-) ions. As the pH increases through electrolysis, so does the percentage of OH- (oxygen-rich negative hydrogen) ions. What this means is that your drinking water has more oxygen, not in the form of O2 but in the form of OH- ions, which is stabilized because of the alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are in the water. Oxygen-rich negative hydrogen ions (OH-) supply our cells with electrons and as such are a superior antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.

Changing your drinking water to Kangen water will change your life by optimizing your health and vitality.


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