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By Jack Allis

Jack AllisI am writing this on June 28th, 2020. It’s been a little over 3 months since the lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis, and a little over 3 weeks now that the lockdown started loosening in most parts of the country, with things returning to a semblance of normal in many places, amidst escalating fears, driven by the media, that the crisis is not over and we are moving too recklessly. However, the world people will be returning to will never be the same as the one they left. As far as its effect on the world, Covid-19 is possibly the biggest story of all time, bigger than 9/11, bigger than the Kennedy assassination. It’s more on a par with the Civil War or World War II, and maybe even bigger. There is much to this that hasn’t yet played out. This is just the kind of paradigm shattering event I’ve been writing and talking about in my books and DVD’s for 15 years. I have also prepared for it by living in the remote mountains, off the grid, as sustainably as possible. This is playing out just the way it did in my most recent novel, Blue Sun Red Sun, when the world around them fell apart.


Two of the themes of my books and DVD’s make predicting such a crisis a pretty simple matter. These are also things that are essential to know in order to make sense out of a situation that to most people makes no sense. One is the paradigm shift we are currently experiencing, in which the old world is dying, paving the way for the creation of a new world from its ashes. An essential part of this is the collapse of the old paradigm civilized world, which was prophesized by indigenous traditions for centuries, like the Maya and the Hopi, and which is inevitable because this world is too hideously out of balance with nature to survive. Nature will always prevail. This virus and the consequences of it could be what breaks the dam once and for all on the old paradigm.


Another theme in my work that leads to this same prediction is the truth about how our world really works, as opposed to the brainwashing that is foisted on us, and the dark conspiracy engineered by the global elite to deceive and manipulate humanity into a state of unknowing global bondage, called the New World Order. Over the centuries a primary tactic of the global elite has been the creation of disasters, for which they then always provide the solution, which is always the same, more power in their hands and that of their puppet governments at the expense of the liberty of the people. Covid-19 is just such an engineered disaster. It has their fingerprints all over it.


But what do we do? Humanity really does seem to be in a pickle, with the global elite holding all the cards. Whether the virus is real or fake, or whether it accidentally escaped or was intentionally released doesn’t make any difference. The end-result is the same. The global elite have created a situation in which they have the power to dictate to the people of the world what they must do. And the consequences for those who don’t comply with the new rules will be severe. The global elite, through the Rockefellers and the pharmaceutical cartel, already have control over powerful unelected globalist organizations, like WHO and CDC, which will play a major role in this. The ultimate solution, of course, will be a vaccine, which probably already exists, and which will be introduced when strategically advantageous. The conditions of taking the vaccine is the paramount issue. Will it be mandatory and what are the consequences of not taking it? My guess is it will be tied in some way to a new global ID, which will be used for traveling, and which will become as important as our driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers. Another major issue here is who will take jurisdictional control over this “global” issue, the national governments, like the US, or the globalists through WHO and the UN? It would appear the New World Order is perched to take a giant step forward. And destroying Trump is crucial to this agenda.


We still haven’t answered the question: what do we do? And here’s where the answer’s always the same. Do we really want to return to “normal?” We are talking about a world that is owned and controlled by demonic beings whose goal is to plunder the Earth and enslave its people. To survive the impending paradigm shift and create a new world from its ashes it will take an act of the most profound courage and power by humanity. This is a time that calls upon us to fulfill our potential as the multi-dimensional spiritual warriors with supernatural powers that the universe designed us to be. What is needed at this time is a great awakening, followed by a revolution. The people of the world must wake up to how they’ve been deceived and manipulated for thousands of years. And then they need to do something about it. They need to say no to the world that oppresses them. They need to stop supporting it, and they need to break free from it – body, mind, heart and spirit. This means reassuming complete responsibility for our own lives and creating our own world, rather than depending on theirs. Hopefully too, as part of this process, people will discover that the only way we can survive is in small sustainable communities, living in harmony with nature, far from civilization. That’s the answer that never changes. And it’s never too late to start planning.


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