John of God

John of God

by Marge Cuddeback

“I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.” Joao Teixeira de Faria

I believe Joao de Deus, born Joao Teixeira de Faria and commonly referred to as “John of God,” is the most powerful healer alive today. At the young age of 16 he accepted the responsibility of devoting his life to act as a healing channel to aid the sick. People travel from around the world to his center in Abadiania in central Brazil to experience the miraculous healings that occur there. Many who flock to Joao believe they have exhausted their medical options and are looking for an alternative healing method. Joao provides free treatment in his center, known as Casa de Dom Inacio, three days of each week.

Working as the medium, Joao allows designated spirit entities to work through him (St. Ignatius Loyola being one of the main ones), to perform visible and invisible operations and to treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Although he has healed in Abadiania since 1978, there never has been a known case of infection in the casa, despite the hundreds of thousands of physical operations performed there. Of the operations performed, 98 percent are “invisible,” meaning that those who are to be operated on enter a room, sit down, close their eyes, and place a hand over the designated area they wish to be healed. If they want multiple areas in their bodies worked on, they place their hands over their hearts.

Many visitors say they can feel the incarnate entities working on them. Some come out of the operation looking as if they are coming out of anesthesia. They all need rest for 24 hours, as if they had had a medical operation. Most will feel profoundly changed by this experience. Cures are not instantaneous, and as with orthodox medicine, there can be no guarantee. However, the majority of people respond favorably with time. It is recommended that you travel to the casa for two weeks to allow extra time for some internal processing—examining the need for change in your life, whether in your career, relationship, exercise, eating habits, or other areas.

In 2003 I went to the casa for a two-week stay. I intuitively knew before going that I was to return with others to facilitate their healing process. I had my own “invisible” surgery the second day after arriving. Both my hiatal hernia, which I’d had for more than 20 years and which acted up every time I ate, and my lactose intolerance of more than 40 years were healed.

I have witnessed many other healings through John of God in my trips to Casa de Dom Inacio. In my experience as a tour guide, I have seen many visitors healed emotionally and mentally, and I believe that our mental and emotional states cause our physical ailments. One woman who traveled to Joao finally found peace from her unhappiness and daily contemplations of suicide. A man in his 60s returned from Abadiania with relief from years of chronic pain. A woman in her 30s who had been diagnosed with a rapidly progressive type of multiple sclerosis returned from three separate trips to walk without the aid of any walker or cane.

I have met others who have been cured of arthritis, paralysis, and other illnesses such as cancer and brain tumors. Joao’s healing powers are truly miraculous and have been witnessed by many. One man who was legally blind had a “visible” operation through Joao and can now read and drive a car. It was the most inspiring experience of my life, and I have returned to Casa de Dom Inacio with groups 11 times since 2003.

The loving energy in Abadiania is tangible, with the constant prayers and meditation and with the hopefulness of those seeking healings both for themselves and others. The journey to John of God has initiated changes that are greatly affecting many lives. I invite you to join me on the healing, transformational, and spiritual journey to experience the power of Joao yourself.

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