Kindness Above All

Kindness Above All

A Community Message from Sacred Seven NPO | Awakened Yoga

By C.J. Nava


Whether or not we consciously acknowledge it as fact, we crave, feed on, thrive in, and long for it. Humanity has an active history embracing leaders, masters, guides—many of whom held unconditional love and kindness as a foundation to their messages and teaching. Those same beings also understood when and how to stand in courage and strength in protection of those qualities. Kindness stands in opposition to intolerance, ill will, and indifference.

What does it really mean to embody genuine kindness? We invite you to reflect on what we instruct at Awakened Yoga as the “Four Ps” of individual spiritual growth that we choose to embrace in our learning community as foundational pillars of understanding true human kindness:

Participation—It is very clear to most of us that we are a part of something humongous happening on planet Earth. There is a dance of energetic forces creating change and affecting all life that has personal implications that hold different meanings. The dance is very intimate to each being. As you understand and strengthen the core of who you are, you get the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence in positive and loving ways.Awakened Yoga

Pureness—Our thoughts matter. Our intention behind our thoughts matters even more. Learn what this means for you. Open internal space to allow every action you choose to generate from a place of purity in physical body, mind body, and spiritual body.

Purpose—Take whatever time and energy you require to know why you chose to be here, now. Learn to follow your intuition and breath to your quiet, inner space where you can “hear” who you are beyond the daily filters of who you are externally trained to be. You may elect to journal your impressions for review at a later time.

Presence—Our existence is by divine design. That stated, as part of the human race we all have knowledge, by personal experience or by global observance, of what it means to suffer horribly in pain and feel completely alone in the darkness. Our words and actions now, when seasoned with acknowledgment, respect, and unity, can build bridges internally that vibrate to our global community. We are capable of beautiful things. One second of kindness can elevate beings to accomplish greatness that allows them to find their souls. The soul is kind and loving. Divine presence is kind and loving. Are you ready to do your part?

Sacred Seven Nonprofit Organization | Awakened Yoga

We know that within everyone lies the innate ability for profound change, our individual transforming fire. Sacred Seven is dedicated to honoring and facilitating programs and activities for the development of all life to reach for its highest unseen potential and to engage the opportunity for renewal, rebirth, and the gateway to thrive. Our organization’s seven-point star logo symbolizes the unwavering power of love, protection, and the perfection within each of us. Join us! Visit

Our programs and courses:

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  • The Spirit of Anyi—12-Week Spiritual Course and Pilgrimage

Motivated from a young age with her natural inclination toward nurturing others, Kristiana Del Carlo, CEO, E-RYT, put her intuitive and psychic abilities to work assisting law enforcement, fire departments, psychologists, attorneys, and marriage and family therapists. She has taught her meditative techniques to at-risk adults and children requiring personal growth and support. Her unique Transitive Yoga and energy modalities provide support for traumatic and emotional healing, always with the purpose of aligning mind and body. She continues guiding high-risk teens, and her practice additionally includes work with veterans, seniors, and those with severe physical challenges.

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