Does Law of Attraction Work for Business Success

law of attraction

By Kim Victoria and Lynn M. Tosello

Law of Attraction (LoA) always works. The problem is that most people don’t understand it, so they don’t get what they say they want in the expected time.

Attraction comes from within—or it should—yet Law of Attraction can be tricky to master, partly because you weren’t taught it as a child. You have to overcome the old programming you did receive so you can be open to how LoA works for you.

LoA is not passive, yet it isn’t active, either. It is intentional.

In applying Law of Attraction principles to business, we are able to align our business with our inner truth. That truth is what the potential customer perceives, and it is that truth that draws them. They may feel a resonance with it—they are simpatico—or they need what you willingly offer them. Your business energy is what they want to be associated with, and they buy or sign up for what you’re offering.

It is ideal to decide to use LoA before you start your business in the first place, but any time you choose to start is a good time. These are the steps:

Focus on your feelings for the business you’ve created—
your passion and purpose for creating it. Write down the following:

  • What excites you and gets you up in the morning to come to work.
  • Your goals for your business, the strengths and unique value your store has to offer.
  • The people who would appreciate your store the most.
  • Your personal strengths in your business; how you contribute to its success.
  • Your projections for your desired sales growth curve.
  • Brainstormed ideas of how your customers will respond to your business.
  • Lists of the positive things you imagine your customers will be saying about you and your business.
  • Specific number of hours each week you want to work and how you will spend the rest of your time.
  • Development and descriptions of a clear and concise mental picture of every aspect of your ideal business. Hold this image in your mind, unchanging.


Take inspired action after developing crystal clarity on what you really desire. Review your writings daily to continually remind yourself what you desire to achieve.

You may be asking how this differs from visualization. Visualization is a tool to see your desire and feel its energy. It helps to keep you aligned with what you are attracting. But visualization alone will not bring what you desire.

Law of Attraction isn’t passive. While it is possible for many things to be attracted to you without effort, the process of aligning with your heart’s desire stimulates you to inspired action, which draws the manifestation to you.

Law of Attraction isn’t strictly active, either. Action must be inspired to move you in the direction of your desires. Uninspired action that merely moves you through the day usually doesn’t work.

Law of Attraction is an inside job—deep inside. It’s about getting your head aligned with your heart so everything you do, including business, brings you joy. Then, in keeping that feeling and image alive inside you, you will be living your desire right now.


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Kim Victoria is an artist and Painting with Intention instructor, certified Law of Attraction instructor, Reiki master, and feng shui practitioner. She can be reached at or visit her website: 


Lynn M. Tosello is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, metaphysician, and Reiki practitioner. Her hypnotherapy practice is located at 2055 Forest Ave. #7 in Chico. She can be reached at or visit her website: