Law of Attraction

Effective Use of the Law of Attraction

By Kelly La Sha

The Law of Attraction posits that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs (conscious and unconscious) create your life experiences. Metaphorically speaking, stored frequencies within your mind act as the “film” for the “movie” of your life. Life acts as a mirror of your stored emotions and beliefs. In other words, your “film” determines your health, wealth, and the degree to which your life experiences are harmonious and fulfilling. The principles of the Law of Attraction are being made more widely available through the Abraham teachings and the popular movies What the Bleep Do We Know and The Secret.

More and more of us are now practicing the use of the Law of Attraction to deliberately create what we want, but many are frustrated by the results they are getting. The reason is threefold. First, deliberate creation is more difficult to use when you are driven by your unconscious thought patterns. At the source of each unhealthy thought pattern is a stored emotional wound in your energy body, which pervades your physical and emotional bodies.

Your life circumstances are mirroring every microscopic conscious and unconscious belief that you have. Without the alignment of all of your conscious and unconscious beliefs, the energy of your intentions becomes diffracted. Second, when we try to fill our emptiness by feeding our ego-driven desires, we will continue to be unfulfilled and wounded. I call this “outsourcing our energy and our self-worth.” It happens anytime we look outside of ourselves to find validation, thinking that if we can just have the perfect relationship/house/job/body/fill-in-the-blank, then we’ll be whole and complete. Each time you outsource your self-worth, there is a stored emotional wound at its source, hence, an opportunity to heal. Soul purpose is one of the other missing pieces of how the Law of Attraction is often presented.

We sometimes forget that we are not here to fulfill our desires alone. To manifest something that is not in accord with your soul’s purpose will result in an endless, empty search for satisfaction. We are starving for the true satisfaction that comes from nourishing the soul by honoring and expressing its purpose. The irony is that when you harmonize and align the imprints of your conscious and unconscious beliefs with self-love and your soul’s purpose, you can then reach the feeling and frequency state that effortlessly and automatically manifests a fulfilling life. This frequency of harmony ultimately expresses itself as passion, love, and service as you discover and share your gifts with others. I have been using Law of Attraction tools successfully for more than 10 years and have experienced that a path of healing and harmonious living is far more fulfilling than setting success goals and succeeding.

There was a period in my life when I had deliberately created my dream job, car, home, wealth, relationship, and so on . . . and I still felt empty and incomplete. It wasn’t until I actively chose to heal that I discovered my soul’s purpose and the deeply gratifying fulfillment of that expression. Now through my lectures, workshops, and private practice I assist and empower others by offering self-healing tools and self-sourcing techniques. By seeing life circumstances as a mirror of the mind, I use mirror interpretations to find and heal the source of wounds and then assist in aligning the imprints of the mind with those that will create a fulfilling life.

In my upcoming book Liquid Mirror, these techniques are explained and illustrated in depth and it further reveals some of the operating principles of the soul and the mechanics of the Law of Attraction. For more information: Kelly La Sha has a BA degree in international marketing and for 10 years worked in the biomedical field as an export consultant. With more than 30 years of experience in reading energy, her expertise is in shamanic healing, coaching and counseling couples, and educating individuals so that they can maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Contact: 530-263-7662 or