Life in the Universe

By Marshall Vian Summers

ISBN: 978-1-88423-849-9 (New Knowledge Library, 2012)

Lately I have been drawn to channeled information, not because I “believe” it as much as that the information itself rings true. Then there’s also the “fact” that all of our answers seem to lead us nowhere and get us deeper into the very dilemma we are trying to resolve. What stood out clearly beyond the obvious politics of being brought into the greater cosmic community is the thought that we need to take responsibility for ourselves and not give our power away to an advanced civilization. If we give our power away, we will set the tone of our relationship and lose our sovereign rights as a free planet. Of course this is all a nice fantasy for those who still believe that the human race is the epitome of God’s creation and that there are no other beings in the universe.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide