Lotus Guide Advertisement Information

Lotus Guide Advertisement InformationAdvertisement

Did you know that the average person spends more time trying on a new pair of shoes than researching when looking for advertisement options?  Most ads are SOLD by Ad Sales people, that’s not us, we are too busy helping our advertisers which has worked for us for almost 12 years; Let us work for you, but first…

Take a few moments and look over what we offer because it’s much more than just the ad in our magazine which is plenty in itself.  But we’ve learned over the years to keep our advertisers, which we do, we need to offer them editorial space, access to our Community Email that reaches over 9,000 residents, personal attention, free graphic design and more.  Whenever you spend hard earned money on advertising you really need to look everything over to make an informed decision so look this over and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We know you have a busy schedule so this is the bare minimum of what we can do for you and your business, but remember, there’s much more.  Please take a few moments, look this over and contact us so we can get you into the NEXT issue. Northern California has come to depend on our magazine to bring them some of the latest information on health and the world around them. Let’s face it…normal media sources simply are not doing their job, so we will.

In today’s world it is important for you to spend your advertisement dollars wisely; we know this, which is one of the many reasons we are still in business after 11 Years, and still growing.

This is an important decision for you to make so look over what we have to offer, check out a few of our Testimonies, and give us a call to see how inexpensive and easy it is to place an ad in the Lotus Guide and reach 1,000’s of residents who are avid readers of the Lotus Guide Magazine. Half of the advertisers who were in our first few issues 11 years ago are still with us today so that says it all.

Lotus Guide Advertisement

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Business Owners … Did you know …

•    Your ad is distributed in print throughout the North Valley in 20,000 magazines (44 Pages).
•    Graphic Design is included in the price of your ad.
•    Your ad reaches over 9,000 residents in our Community Email which is linked to our Facebook,  Twitter, and Linkedin accounts.
•    Glossy pages are available for extra pizzazz of your ad.
•    Lotus Guide is constantly increasing exposure throughout the region.
•    Lotus Guide Magazine is also online and linked to over 4,000 Twitter followers, 2,000+ Facebook friends, and 1,700+ Linkedin Connections with over 150 Positive Endorsements. You might also want to visit YELP and see that we have a 5 STAR rating from the community we serve.

NOTE: We recently redesigned our entire website to meet the new search engine protocols to keep up with technology guaranteeing that our advertisers are easily found in the Online Directory. This also allows our website to open appropriately on mobile devices which means our magazine can be read online in coffee shops, restaurants and anyplace where there is Internet service…which is almost everywhere.

All this and more for a business card size advertisement starting at $145 every 3 months

For our advertisement sizes and rates (Yes, you don’t need to call us for our rates)


www.LotusGuide.com  (530-894-8433) info@lotusguide.com

Deadline is always the last of the month previous to printing:

Deadline for Jan/Feb/Mar issue is December 31st

Deadline for Apr/May/Jun issue is March 31st

Deadline for Jul/Aug/Sept issue is June 30th

Deadline for Oct/Nov/Dec issue is September 30th

Lotus Guide has the best Online Business Directory on the market, a webmaster who is dedicated to keeping the Directory fine tuned, and an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional working to make sure our website is found on Google.

We put our advertisers first and everything else follows. This is why our advertisers stay with us, plus, we give editorial space to our advertisers so they can explain to the community what they do.

Every all-color issue is anticipated by the community who are your potential customers…let’s not keep them waiting !

Do you have a concert coming up, or a fair? Ask about our Event Promotion Packages

Thank you, Rahasya & Dhara ~ Publishers of Lotus Guide