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Lotus Guide Center

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You can bookmark this page for any updates, changes or information on the Lotus Guide Center for Healing & Information. This will be an ongoing process so also be sure to sign up for our Community Email that we send out twice a month to over 9,400 residents throughout the North Valley, you can do that from our Home Page, www.LotusGuide.com then Scroll down and on the right.

Lotus Guide Center

The Lotus Center Ribbon Cutting

The Center is located at 6268 Skyway, Paradise, CA and is the joint collaboration of many people who care like Ray Varlinsky and Marianna Love, who by the way lost their home in the Paradise Campfire. Fortunately, Marianna’s art was saved and will be on display at the Center.

Lotus Guide Center

For now, here’s how you can help:

  • Donations are obviously the best way and that information can be found at www.LotusGuide.com/Campfire.
  • We are in real need of someone who can be here with us to answer phones and help with the daily needs of the Center. The best way for this to happen would be for someone or a group of someone’s to make a set monthly donation to cover this persons expenses. If you would be interested in donating your time, that would also be something to explore.

Check back often because as time goes on we will post some of the things we need here. Meanwhile, if you would like to have an idea of the support we have from the community, you can visit HERE if you want to be inspired as we have.

Among other events, we will have OPEN Mic once a month, Dhara is leading her Active Meditations specifically to relieve stress, and we plan on having a Movie Night where we will show a timely documentary or movie, and the list goes on…

Lotus Guide Center


A special thanks to Shyla Cook who donated her time and expertise to hand paint our window at the Lotus Guide Center.




Thanks again, Rahasya & Dhara and so many more of us who are making this possible.

Lotus Guide Center

EVENTS: We are staying pretty busy here at the Lotus Center so if you have a workshop or event that you feel will help the community in some way, contact us so we can schedule you, 530-894-8433.

  • Some recent events have been with Dr. Kathleen Riley and the HeartMath Institute when we bring residents & 1st Responders together who feel they have been traumatized by the Paradise Campfire. This is a workshop that uses some of the best and well-researched technology to relieve stress.
  • Every Thursday at 6pm we have an Active Meditation led by Dhara Lemos that is specifically designed to help a person relieve emotional & physical stress using somatic/bio-energetic movements and sound to quiet the mind so meditation can “Happen”.
  • We hosted the first of a series of Sound Baths by Jesse Spallina of Chico 432 using 432 Frequencies to bring about a calm state of awareness. This is something to be experienced.
  • OPEN Mic is the last Wednesday of every month at 7pm. Bring your instruments or simply come to listen. Watch our 1st OPEN Mic Night
  • MOVIE Nights will be starting in September so check back. We just bought the projector and installed the screen so we are getting there.
  • Every Tuesday at noon, Sandy brings her knowledge of using guided meditations to Paradise. She is a veteran and works closely with other veterans dealing with PTSD.
  • Rebuilding Paradise meeting with Bob Stiglers group who came in from all over the country to help and advise locals on how to deal with everything from city planning and zoning to building permits. Bob wrote AFTER NOW, When We Can’t See the Future, Where Do We Begin?
  • We are working with Bob Dillon to bring Transcendental Meditations to Paradise. These trainings cost $900. but we have worked with the TM organization to give the residents and 1st Responders the training for very little or nothing. TM has a long history of being highly effective when it comes to stress, dementia, autism, PTSD and more. They have an excellent record with law enforcement & military when it comes to trauma and PTSD.

There’s much more happening here and we are delighted to play a part in bringing Paradise back and making Paradise Strong by helping the residents reclaim their strength and emotional well-being.

Stop in, we are here most days but we are always here T/W/Th from 11am to 4pm and by appointment.