Manifesting a Specific Person

Manifesting a Specific Person


By Claudia Weber


Can I manifest a specific person? This is a question I often hear in my office at my private practice in Chico. One subject I coach on is universal laws. The answer to the question: It’s not wrong to manifest a specific person, it’s just that you’re limiting your field and you could very likely miss your absolute perfect match. Another factor is that if you set your sights on a specific person, you are most likely getting attached to the outcome. This could throw you off and make it a long time coming. Keep in mind that you cannot manifest for another unless they want it too. Many people sabotage their ability to manifest their ideal mate because they are too attached to a “specific” person. The moment you let go of your attachment to the idea of that specific perfect mate you are dreaming about, you open your manifesting channels to let “The One” into your life. If it turns out to be a different person, you’ll never regret letting go of your attachment for the other person you thought was so perfect.

Many of the “blocks” you are experiencing are in the subconscious mind, which in most cases makes up 97 percent of you. Keep in mind that you are only thinking and operating with an average 3 percent of your mind. Professional nonsuggestive hypnotherapy/behavioral therapy can help remove those blocks, making everything much easier and more clear for you.


Ask yourself these questions: Why do I want this specific person? What will I do with him or her when I have him or her? Be careful whom you ask for; you just might get him or her. What if that person doesn’t or can’t live up to your awesome expectations? It is, of course, more than possible to attract a specific person into your life. I know this; I have unintentionally done this myself. I can also tell you that it’s not always all that it’s cracked up to be. You might get that incredible, wonderful person, but there might also be some major issues attached that you didn’t expect or desire.


What we really want is never just that specific person we dream and think about; it’s that feeling that we think that person will give us. . . you know the one I’m talking about. It’s also critical that you realize you must be ready for this relationship, secure enough in yourself, so that you don’t hang on too tight and suffocate the one you love. When we try to manifest a person instead of an experience, we will often be disappointed in the end.


Love is the most precious gift we have been given. Love unites us. Love is compassion, joy, and absolute trust. Love is more than passion (although that’s pretty incredible), it’s a deep spiritual feeling, being truly connected and having fun together.


It would be better for you to let the universe do its job and focus instead on the experience of what you think that person will bring into your life—love, passion, joy, friendship, security, companionship, fun, and so on that you think your ideal mate would give you. Understand? This way the universe can match you with a person who is the vibrational match to what you want. Remember that no one has the power to make you feel anything. You are responsible for what you are feeling right now. Choose to feel positive, relaxed, secure, and happy right now! Practice seeing that your imperfections and perfections are all divine. Love yourself exactly as you are, so that someone else can too.


For years I unintentionally thought about a specific person, never once thinking that a match could ever really happen, not understanding during all that time that my thoughts do actually create (Law of Attraction). I held everyone I dated to a standard of what I thought that person had become, which of course was “perfect.” Then, years later, we connected. It was great, really great, but there were many issues that I never expected on both sides . . . most of which were outside issues (my mate’s family). It’s not that that person was not my perfect match—many think we were and are still—but neither of us expected to deal with such issues; therefore we didn’t handle them as well as we could have and it destroyed us. I don’t regret it, but . . . again, be careful what you wish for.


I am only now completely healthy, strong, and ready for the wonderful adventure of having a special someone in my life. I did not jump into a relationship after the last one, because I had a lot to learn and needed to heal physically and emotionally. I’m now a new, confident, secure, and happy self. Do not look for a relationship to complete you; it never will. People often rush into commitments and relationships right away, way too fast, in the hope that that person will solve all their problems/issues, often only creating more for themselves and secretly being miserable. Go into it already secure, content, and happy with yourself. Only then can real passion and magic happen. Don’t wait for your perfect mate in order to start living. Start living now and dance, dance, dance!


Obtaining a professional who uses a combination of nonsuggestive clinical hypnotherapy, clinical behavioral therapy and life coaching on the laws of the universe can change your life. This has proven to be one of the most effective techniques in the world right now. I continue to lecture on this combination technique inEurope every year. This technique moves people beyond their negative self-talk, their fears, doubts, and worries that have been blocking their success, manifesting, and possibly ruining their past relationships.


Again, focus only on the qualities you want in your dream relationship, and most of all, the feelings that you believe your ideal relationship would nurture. The universe will move heaven and earth to connect you if it finds that you both want the same things in each other and were meant to be. If your specific dream mate is meant to be, you can’t prevent it from happening; if it’s not, then the last thing you want to do is create it anyway.


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