Mastering Alchemy Living Heaven on Earth

Mastering Alchemy: Living Heaven on Earth

By Jim Self

Jim SelfI met Jim Self a while back after watching his DVD on mastering alchemy, which you can order free from his website. He also has online tele-classes on this subject. I highly recommend this information to anyone seeking to raise his or her energy vibration and consciousness.

—Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

Alchemy is not magic. However, it does produce wonderful magical results. When you are aligned, alchemy is your natural state of wisdom. Simple? Yes! Easy? Actually it is easier than you might think. By first accepting and understanding that everything is possible, you are then able to intentionally transform one possibility into another. By learning to simply alter one vibrational form, thought, feeling, or belief into another vibrational form, you understand how to create and sustain well-being, abundance, and joy effortlessly.

So what is alchemy? It can be most simply defined as changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of love to create a desired result.

Let’s start simply. For example, if you wish to have water available to you, it is useful to have a container to hold the water. Similarly, to hold the wisdom of alchemy for your creation, you must have a container. The aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding you but it has no structure. It is the water without the container. By changing your thought and becoming aware that you can change the harmonics of the aura to be contained within one of the sacred geometric fields, such as the octahedron (diamond shape), star tetrahedron, or cube, the container is created. Depending on your level of awareness, each shape aligns with a higher-dimensional body of wisdom.

The aura without structure and focus is like a radio that cannot hold a station. To tune your personal energy field to your frequency, you must raise the vibration or speed of the field to near the speed of light. Again, it is easier than you may think. By fine-tuning your field or antenna, you will eliminate the noisy, incoherent frequencies of events and people around you and begin to know yourself.

As you begin to find this quiet focus, you can begin to remember, or rewire, yourself in ways that have not been available for many lifetimes, allowing you to align with the wisdom that you already know in the higher dimensions.

From this higher, faster, stabilized form of consciousness, you begin to become aware that many of the concepts, beliefs, and truths you once held are no longer useful or accurate from the higher perspective. Simply by reconstructing a sentence or speaking with a different tone will create a very different outcome.

Another aspect of this shift, as you have already noticed, is that time is going faster. From this new, higher perspective you will find that time exists in a very different form. There is not past or future. There is only now. In this now, all experiences exist at the same moment in the same place. When the internal wiring to understand this concept is actually connected, you will discover an ability to observe all the possibilities of a given situation. You can then choose the possibility that most joyfully meets your needs and then step into that choice, creating that reality you desire.

If this sounds like wishful thinking or fantasy, it is not. It is a simple doorway that has been hidden by the duality of the game, the push and shove, right and wrong, good and bad of the third dimension. It is a doorway that leads to merging with the soul, walking with the archangels, learning to create with the great rays of creation, and much, much more.

It is time to awaken and become who you are as a citizen of the higher dimensions.

As the veils of ignorance and forgetfulness are being dissolved, many wonderful teachers, leaders, and healers are awakening. And as you awaken, it will be your opportunity to awaken the rest who are now stirring. Alchemy is your natural state of wisdom. Mastering alchemy is the means to create heaven on earth.

Jim Self is a speaker and teacher, founder of Northern California’s Avalon Institute, and director of the Mastering Alchemy program, which begins in November. Since June, he has been presenting the weekend seminar, Creating the Personal Power Field, across the country.

For information and to register visit Jim is also presenting 20 free tele-classes on Energy Tools, Merging with the Soul, the Fall of Consciousness, the Creator Gods, and more. Enroll on his website.