Music and Meditation

By Pamela Jamian


“To me, music and meditation are two aspects of the same phenomenon.…Hence my insistence that music and meditation should go together. That adds a new dimension to both. Music comes closest to meditation. Music is a way towards meditation and the most beautiful way. Meditation is the art of hearing the soundless sound, the art of hearing the music of silence. …”—Osho


Music, a universal language deeply rooted in the consciousness of humanity, resonates with and flows through both the inner and outer dimensions of being. Originating in the silence and finding its physical home in a rainbow of audible frequencies, music has been and still is a forerunner and reflection of every culture. Within its melodies, harmonies, timbres, tempos, and rhythms are found the awareness, energy, and information that connect us to our deepest selves and each other. Music aligns us to inner meaning and something greater than ourselves. It serves as a conduit to meditation, healing, inspiration, vitality, creativity, celebration, storytelling, dance, feeling, emotion…and the list goes on.


Meditation, as a state of being and a way into the silence, is equally rooted in the consciousness of humanity. Its rich history and growing presence in modern times are an indication of the search for inner meaning and connection to something greater. An inherent and natural function, meditation also connects us to our deepest selves and each other. Meditation serves as a conduit to awareness, the inner witness, spiritual essence, healing, energy, realization, universal oneness…again, the list goes on.

For me, music and meditation inspire pathways of spiritual awareness, guidance, and animating energy to more fully enjoy life. I am grateful for the emergence of spiritual/metaphysical music artists and meditation teachers and see this emergence as a testimony of our evolving collective awareness and expansion of a more conscious global community. The books and CD/DVDs of the holistic/wisdom/spiritual genres, once available only in avant-garde markets, now line the shelves of mainstream bookstores, department stores, and websites, not to mention the wall-to-wall bookcases in most of our homes!

As a musician and a meditator exploring the local holistic community, I began participating in a series of classes offered by Lotus Guide copublisher, book author, and meditation teacher Dhara Lemos. She combines her meditation techniques with world spirituality music. I found her active meditations and dance meditations to be highly effective in invoking an integrated connection of spirit, mind, and body. Based on the traditions of her teacher Osho and customized by Dhara for contemporary lifestyles, these active meditations include energy and awareness techniques such as deep breathing, chakra sounds, life energy movement (Kundalini), humming vibration, and sitting meditation. When combined with free-form dance, the meditations take on a celebrative aliveness as the inner self more fully inhabits, animates, and energizes the body. I found the meditations equally valuable as a path from everyday awareness to inner silence and as a path from inner silence to enhanced everyday experience.

The meditation techniques are aligned to music that entrains for energy and awareness attunement. For example, techniques for clearing energy blocks and reenergizing the body are practiced with songs in the musical keys and characteristics of specific physical/etheric centers in the body, also known as chakras. Low musical notes and heavy drumbeats clear, open, and resonate with the low to midsections of the torso. Strings and harps open, expand, and resonate with the heart and throat centers, while treble bells, chimes, and delicate percussion awaken the spiritual centers in the forehead (third eye) and top of the head. Once the body is attuned and energized, the chattering of the mind subsides, and contemplative music is used to inspire inner awareness in sitting or reclining meditation. Inner awareness awakens the more subtle being, from simply being present in the moment to the realization and assimilation of higher, more altruistic frequencies such as joy, peace, and bliss.

My favorite technique is the humming meditation, which opens a pathway for awareness and alignment to higher frequencies. This meditation is done while listening to upper chakra music with slow or no tempo that entrains a pattern of slow deep breathing and humming. Such a simple thing! Toning “mmmm” on the out breath for 10 minutes stills the thinking mind, relaxes the body, and aligns awareness to resonate with the subtle higher frequencies of the unseen altruistic dimensions. This resonance opens a mind-body connection for the assimilation of increased vital energy and intuitive information readily available to improve the quality of our lives.

These meditations are excellent for individual attunement and for increased awareness and energy alignment through group synergy within the class environment. To learn more about meditation with music and Dhara’s active meditations, contact


Pamela Jamian has worked for more than 25 years in Texas and California as a professional musician and business leader for health plans. She has an avid interest in diverse spiritual practices, music, and the practical application of conscious spirituality to everyday life and sociological evolution. Pamela lives in Magalia and works in Chico. Contact Pamela at