NAET A Different Way of Viewing Disease

By Mark Light, MD

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in medicine and became board certified in emergency medicine. I worked as an emergency physician for 30 years and then as a primary care physician for about 12 years.

I was not taught about the meridian (energy) system of the body or about food as medicine, let alone energy medicine. Even today, it’s considered quackery by the AMA and most physicians. Many physicians have lost their licenses for practicing alternative medicine.

To quote Dr. Mehmet Oz, “We’re beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better understanding of how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier … in medicine is energy medicine.”

NAET, an energy­based therapy, views disease as the body’s response to a deeper underlying issue and treats the cause rather than its symptoms. If you missed my last article about NAET, please visit or for more information.

Alcohol Recovery Program

I enjoy treating alcoholism, seeing it not as a character flaw but as an allergy to many food items, such as sugar, B vitamins, yeast, grains, Candida, and alcohol (which is one molecule away from sugar). Alcoholism is a matter of nutritional and metabolic deficiencies.

Despite advances in treating alcoholism, the reality is that 80 percent of alcoholics receiving treatment relapse within two years.

Our treatment is highly successful for those who wish to change because it treats the causes for alcohol cravings. We use NAET, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid replacement. While receiving energy healing, one is building his or her immune system and reducing or eliminating diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, thyroid issues, pain, brain fog, and so on.

Our program:NAET_Mark_Vicki_1-4

  • No drugs.
  • Uses noninvasive, painless healing.
  • Very affordable compared to traditional recovery programs.
  • You return to your own home after treatments.
  • Confidentiality—You are treated with the same privacy as any of our patients who visit for various reasons.



I work with Vickie Van Scyoc, an RN who suffered from severe asthma and seasonal allergies. She is off all of the seven medications she was on before receiving NAET treatment, and she can enjoy the outdoors. The asthma medications cost nearly $1,000 a month! NAET is so affordable it paid for itself in two months—no prescription costs and no asthma!


The first study of NAET treating Asperger’s and autism is discussed on YouTube: “Autism—NAET—Comprehensive” at In this study, 26 of 28 children treated with NAET were able to join regular classrooms afterward.

Among the autistic children we treat, one 12-year­old no longer has daily angry outbreaks. Another 14-year­old boy is in a regular classroom. An 18-month­old is speaking after treatment for vaccine injury and stroke.

Chronic Pain

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum (author and on TV for fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome) recommends NAET treatments to reduce pain. We are treating a woman who was a marathon walker and who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after receiving a shingles vaccine. After NAET, her seven years of pain ended.

We treat chronic and acute medical conditions, including allergies to poison oak, latex, medications, vaccine injury, heavy metals, and more.

Testimonies from Our Office

“I feel better at 60 than I did at 40! I am less achy and stiff, my strength is returning, my flexibility is better. After treatment for paint mix my spine no longer burns. NAET has turned out to be a miracle.”—Vince Scocozza

“I am off all of my three high blood pressure pills, my rosacea is almost gone, no more nightmares that I had my whole life, no more fear of failing, or anger at a loved one that committed suicide. I’m 83, it’s never too late for NAET.”—Alcy T.

“My eyes no longer burn and water. My migraines are gone. Thank you to NAET and the medicinals, Oku­Vis and Thyroiden.”—Margaret VLM

A neurologist diagnosed Jennifer L., age 42, with myasthenia gravis. After two NAET sessions, she saw a national neurologist in Davis: She did not have myasthenia gravis and there was no need for medication. She had aspartame poisoning.

“I was a ball of energy after sugar (treatment).”—Bryson, 7

“No more nausea and dizziness in the wind! The medicinals are miraculous, especially the Di­Gessta and Gal­Astic.”—Tara W.

“I was off my allergy prescriptions after three treatments. I can work in the garden and mow the lawn without allergies.”—Dean M., 53, therapist

“I had a positive HPV test. After NAET, my Pap came back negative! I have more energy and most of my brain fog is gone.”—Leslie, 60

A 3-year­old girl was diagnosed with alopecia areata, migraines, and depression. Her neurologist wanted her on antidepressants. She had large clumps of hair missing. We found that she was poisoned from pesticides, mostly paraquat. After five treatments, her migraines were almost gone, she was happy, playing, and her hair started growing back.

“No more Crohn’s or high liver enzymes after NAET and Livergy.”—Zachary, 8

“The Nerve­All works better than the nerve pain medication.”—Tracy

“I can eat chocolate now!”—Linda

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