By Vickie Van Scyoc, RN and Mark Light, MD

Are you one of those people who are plagued by allergies? Does the advent of spring send you running indoors? Do you tense up when certain foods are near you? Do you avoid specific clothes or fabrics or cleaning products? If so, you probably have been dealing with allergies for years, if not, you may not realize the full extent of the impact that allergies can have on any of us.

Allergies as a Cause of Illness

An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of a person to one or more substances which may be harmless to the majority of other individuals.

When contact is made with an allergen, it causes blockages in the energy pathways in the body called meridians, disrupting the normal flow of energy through the body’s electrical circuits. This energy blockage causes interference in communication between the brain and body via the nervous system. This begins a chain of events that can develop into an allergic reaction.

The result of energy imbalances in the body leads to a diminished state of health in one or more organ systems. Undiagnosed allergies are often the cause of common or chronic illnesses, which when left untreated can become serious or critical.

Traditional Allergy Treatments

The standard treatment for allergies is drug therapy using either antihistamines or steroids to control allergic symptoms. Unfortunately, this does not correct the underlying problem and often the allergy sufferer experiences serious long-term side effects. The most effective treatment option until now has been complete avoidance of the offending allergen or allergens, which can be difficult and in some cases impossible.

A New Technique to Eliminate Allergies (NAET)

NAET is an innovative treatment for allergies that is completely natural, painless and non-invasive. This method can be safely used on anyone, even newborn infants, the elderly, patients in a coma, and pets. NAET can also be used to treat seemingly healthy individuals with hidden allergies that could cause illness in the future. By reprogramming the brain, NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) allows the body to regain perfect balance and function normally again to achieve optimum health.

How Does NAET Work?

NAET is a synthesis of various medical disciplines such as allopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology and nutrition. During a NAET treatment, the practitioner stimulates pressure points along the spine from the neck to the sacrum while the patient is holding an allergen. Next, specific acupressure points are massaged to stabilize the treatment. In most cases, one session is all that is required to eliminate an allergy. Individuals who are highly sensitive may sometimes require additional treatments.

What Conditions Does NAET Treat?

NAET has been successfully used to treat a wide variety of conditions in people from birth to old age. Typical allergies such as hay fever and food allergies can be completely eliminated so that the person has no reaction when exposed to the same allergens such as pollens, dust, mold, grass or specific foods. NAET is particularly effective with ADD, Addictions, Anxiety, Migraines, Insomnia, Ear Infections, Hormone Imbalances, and many other conditions.

The creator of NAET, Dr. Devi Nambudripad says, “There is hardly any human disease or condition where allergic factors are not involved.” The wide variety of complaints that have been eliminated by NAET is testament to this observation.

Who is the Creator of NAET?

Dr. Devi Nambudripad is trained as a medical doctor (MD), chiropractic doctor (DC), and is a licensed Acupuncturist (Lac). She also holds a PhD degree!

Plagued by countless allergies from a very early age, Dr. Devi was on a mission to heal herself and live a ‘normal’ life. Her knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine gave her the insight and guidance to discover a treatment for allergies – discovered as she experimented on herself to remedy her lifelong debilitating food allergies.

Once she successfully treated herself, she undertook years of research and experimentation to refine her techniques to help other allergy sufferers around the world. NAET is now a complete system of allergy diagnosis and treatment practiced only by trained medical professionals who are certified by Dr. Nambudripad and her staff.

What Do Doctors Say about NAET?

Robert Prince, MD, is a certified NAET practitioner who says his medical practice was completely changed once he added NAET to his work with patients. “NAET has truly revolutionized the practice of medicine! I have no doubt this is going to be the ‘Medicine of the Future.

And three-time United States Olympic physician Mike Greenberg, DC, says, “Dr. Devi’s technique helped to give my world class athletes a winning edge!”

Acupuncturist and Osteopath Dr. Jan K Steele, says “I have seen NAET put extremely sick patients back in control of their lives once again! After completion of the NAET treatment program, they are free of symptoms, free of excessive medications, and free to enjoy good health.”

You can try NAET today, too, and discover what life can be like when you are allergy-free.

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