Vital Dance,

Creative Expression, Vitality, and Meditation

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By Nartan Lemos

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  The expression “stand on your own two feet” ends up symbolizing some of the most intense deep work a human being can do. Besides dealing with the pressure of gravity on our heads and spine, we also need muscle strength to maintain the right tension as we move, this is where “Vital Dance’ comes in.

      If we want the feeling of being connected and grounded, we must develop vertically from the top of our heads touching the sky, down


through our chests, and finally with our feet planted firmly on the ground. Then and only then can we get the feeling of lightness and surrender that lead to higher awareness and consciousness.

The Vital Dance is an invitation using communication with body and spirit to awaken us to the abundant life that is our true heritage. This is why the Vital Dance is much more than another physical exercise. This process can awaken ancestral wisdom that allows us to have a true experience of the true “I Am.”

By unblocking our muscle armor and aligning our chakras, we are open for direct communication with ancestral memories with feet firmly planted on the ground and our awareness set free. With the internal development of our attention and presence we find ourselves inhabiting a universe of abundance.

By the integration of the rhythms and techniques in the Vital Dance we are once again in alignment to have direct dialogue with the universal mind and body. With a symbiotic connection with essence, we find ourselves in touch with our internal guide, balanced and expressing our deepest intuition and intention.

By focusing on tranquility and exercising our spiritual presence we find that our spiritual consciousness is in our body, not somewhere outside ourselves far away and impersonal—or do you still believe that it is outside of your body, in some place very, very far away?


“Learning to love yourself , create bond and intimacy with each other,

and develop through social relations , gives us a full life.”

Why Dance?

Nartan Dancing

Expressing ourselves naturally is something we are all born with but throughout our lives our desires are suppressed. Suppression comes in many forms—societal, religious, and cultural—all of which can and do cause much of the “dis-ease” we live with in today’s world. The deep disconnect we feel with our bodies and minds causes us to build up what Wilhelm Reich called “muscle armor,” which in turn causes us to take very shallow breaths, which de-energizes us and is at the root of many of our health problems.

Through the Vital Dance we work with movement to transform the body’s rigidity into a more fluidlike elasticity, a dance that takes us to self-knowledge and relaxation, which “allows” meditation to happen. By coming out of isolation and accepting our differences we become our “authentic selves” and find our unique styles, movements, and gestures.


Beyond sound and words, movement and dance have always represented a deep and authentic mode of communication in our world.


Through dance and movement we come into balance with our internal rhythms, which leads to a deep body awareness with all of its abilities to go beyond our previous limits set by the world we live in.


The Dance Called Love

“The dance needs to be learned, her grace and her movements; you need to train your body for this. You are born only with the capacity. You are born with a body; you can be a dancer for this reason. But the dance needs to be learned and it depends only on you.”—Osho Osho-Dance


The therapeutic use of dance and movement is a simple yet powerful tool that allows us to increase our physical and mental presence and being in the world around us. Dance allows us to also explore the many aspects of the masculine and feminine found deep within our souls.

Nartan-Vital DanceBy using dance as a tool along with the artistic, educational, and therapeutic resources found within dance, we can find new ways to overcome life’s challenges and live happier and healthier lives, which are our birthright.

The Vital Dance course is a compilation of the many dance techniques associated with Osho and his meditations.

Nartan Lemos is a psychologist and “body psychotherapist” and certified teacher of the Learning Love Institute. Nartan has trained in many dance techniques, including Brazilian Rhythms, Gurdjieff Sacred Dance, Sacred Circle Dances, Orixas Dances, and Moving Meditations. She has membership with the International Dance Council (CID) at UNESCO and is former publisher and owner of Guia Lotus magazine (sister magazine of Lotus Guide) in Brasilia, where she lives today.


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