From Needing Healing to Being the Healer

By Ty at Ener-ChiWellness

In the past, I was a circus/variety arts performer (in the big city). My life experience gave me very little real-world knowledge of subtle energies, healing, and the spiritual/metaphysical world. I did not expect that the universe was completely different from what mainstream America teaches its people.

After many years of a successful life and career in entertainment, I started having very bad luck. ener-chiwellnessMost of my solid gigs would fall through. I got fired from a steady job for showing up to work on time!!! My company computers were hacked and all my art/files/media (from three decades) destroyed. I didn’t understand it at the time but I developed electromagnetic sickness (mood swings, pain, and tinnitus only around EMFs/electronics). Most electrical/computer equipment malfunctioned whenever I used it. Fresh batteries would drain almost immediately in my presence. Alarmingly, I started seeing energies and spiritual beings. I really thought I might be imagining all this but a witness (my wife) would repeatedly confirm my observations. “Oh no, you mean this is real?” I would think to myself. With a heavy heart, I started to figure out that I had no real knowledge of this planet I live on. One day, I was going for a walk to calm myself down and an inner voice said to me, “Everything you have ever learned is wrong.” With a deep and rather fearful knowingness, I knew this “download” to be correct. I would realize that all history, science, philosophy, politics, and spirituality were going to have to be reevaluated.

Soon after this realization, the chaos and mysterious phenomena in my life increased. A very brief list of notable experiences would be:


  1. I lost most of everything I owned.
  2. My emotions roller-coastered hourly.
  3. My body was filled with an uncomfortable electrical feeling.
  4. I had random infections.
  5. I was intensely seeing/feeling all forms of energy.
  6. My brain could not focus.


Toward the end of this phase my wife and I experienced the world’s end (Armageddon) one evening in our home. Very soon after this we had packed what little we owned, left the big city, left our previous life, and started out in our car. Through “chance,” we actually were able to find a beautiful island on which to start our life over. Synchronistically, this place was known by indigenous peoples as being a very powerful mystical, spiritual place known by many indigenous in the Pacific Rim.

I didn’t know this then, but my wife and I were going through a somewhat common spiritual process. The process is “The Dark Night of the Soul” method of spiritual transformation. It is the total disintegration of what you once were to rebuild a new foundation of beingness.

Many cultures in the past had wisdom keepers or shamans to assist a person to go through these types of spiritual experiences in a healthy and supported manner. I experienced very few humans coming to my assistance. The main strength I had at that time was knowing that my wife was going through this process, too. Though no human was really guiding us, we were guided by a constant barrage of synchronicity. Something mysterious was guiding us through the path of the shaman (those who see between both worlds). A notable synchronicity, one that soothed my soul, was coming across a little book called You’re Not Going Crazy … You’re Just Waking Up!

The universe was now training me. Every day for the next two years I would get a new symptom (or experience a phenomenon) that I had to experience and find solutions to. I found this very terrifying. Some examples would be strange clairaudience, vicious entity attacks, seeing Earth energies, seeing auras, time glitches, UFOs, and on and on.

For every symptom, attack, or problem I had to use intuition or wait for a synchronicity to guide me to  the correct  information or skills required to work on the issue. Once in a while an “assistance being” (as I like to call them … they’re angels to others) would come by and put me on the right track.

One of the first issues I worked on was electromagnetic sickness. A friend gave me some orgonite, which nearly removed my tinnitus. I learned to make orgone tools and “downloaded” major upgrades to the “normal” ingredients. I also learned to tune them with frequencies, scalar fields, and intent. This technology really assisted with spiritual balance and protection. I learned about grounding and the various techniques and tools to assist in removing this oversensitivity to electricity/EMFs.

With these first successes, I now had the drive to continue my healing journey. During the course of the next two years, I learned all I could about nutrition, holistic/alternative healing, how to heal Earth energies, how to clear myself (and others) of physical and astral parasites, how to clear other people’s dark intent (such as spells and curses), how to distance heal (or quantum entanglement), crystal healing, energy balancing via physical healing tools, and how to use scalar/quantum mechanics concepts in healing.

Sick or not, I was always attempting to clear and heal people and the land … mostly for my own comfort at the time … but later out of compassion.

Just about at the end of what I could teach myself (I had read about 3,000 pdfs), I made a request to the universe. “I am already an energy healer now but I need a better way to keep external energies off me and to clear people with ease.” Right away I came across Chris Kehler’s work (true quantum healing) … and quickly asked him to share his methodology. I found this to be a great system of tools and dowsing to clear as much stuff as painlessly and quickly as possible. We were quickly sent out to travel and heal in many southwestern states and Mexico. Soon we were assisting people all over the planet.


So years later … I find myself coming across the sensitives, normal people experiencing the supernormal, sick healers/shamans, the weirdest phenomena, ascension symptoms, difficult spiritual awakenings, and those who experimented with the wrong thing … needing some serious guidance, good clearing, and maybe a kind word. Sometimes we get a spiritual person who just needs a boost … with no real issues. We spend the extra time to assist those who are sensitive and wish to better navigate the matrix we find ourselves in. We have been there, we’ve found possible solutions, and we are here to assist you. Distance healing works as well (quantum entanglement) so being local is not necessary.

Cheers, Ty (and Nora) of Ener-ChiWelleness