Oneness Blessing Deeksha

Oneness Blessing, Deeksha

By Vidya Frazier

I think that one of the greatest and most harmful delusions we have in this world is the view we have of ourselves as being separate from other human beings and the world in which we live. This alone has been the source of untold suffering in our world. This is why something such as deeksha, which has a focus on oneness, is so important in today’s world because it takes us beyond our divisive worldviews and beliefs we have about ourselves and each other.

—Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide


“I can really imagine you there, Vidya . . .” said my friend on the phone. He had just returned from a three-week course at the Oneness University in India and had been regaling me with wonderful stories of his experience there.

But I was not hearing the prescience with which he was speaking as he told me he could see me there. I was too busy remembering my trip to India 12 years before—a trip to visit the spiritual master Papaji. It had been an extraordinary, life-changing visit—but one that had left me declaring: Okay, I’ve been to India. I don’t need to go there ever again. As beautiful as that country had been in so many ways, the plane ride there was way too long for me, and the Third World realities just too harsh. And, besides, I had long ago left my spiritual seeking behind.

After 30 years of searching through many different spiritual traditions from both the East and the West, my experience with Papaji had led me to what felt like the end of the search: I was left with the knowing of myself as consciousness and with the simple joy of the present moment unfolding with each breath. And I had been living quite contentedly with this awareness ever since. So I began protesting to my friend on the phone: “No, I don’t think so—I’m really not interested in India or one more spiritual trip.” But he said, “Well, just let me give you the oneness blessing and then see what you think.” He had been telling me about the blessing (also known as deeksha) that he had learned to give at the university. I had to admit it did sound lovely. He described it as the transfer from one person to another of a specific kind of energy, emanating from the founders of the Oneness University, Amma and Bhagavan, that was designed to promote spiritual evolution in a person, a deepening of his or her awakening. It generally seemed to bring about a deep sense of peace and joy in people and also the “flowering of the heart.”

Furthermore, he said, through time it begins to bring about healing and a greater balance in people’s everyday lives—in their relationships, their health, their finances, their work. (This really spoke to me—the bringing of spiritual awakening into the mundane world of people’s lives.) And then he said, “This isn’t about another particular spiritual path: This blessing is for everyone on the planet, for people of all faiths—or of no faith. It’s truly about the realization of the oneness that lives at the core of all existence.” So I finally thought, Well, why not? And we sat on the phone together, silent, for a couple of minutes. Fifteen seconds into it, I was stunned by the profound awakening of joy and love that began to flood my being. Tears sprang to my eyes as I sensed the divine presence gently, warmly enfolding me with such love that I could hardly bear it.

This intoxicating feeling remained with me for the rest of the day—and awoke with me the next morning. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to me after all, a few days later, to discover a deep longing arising in my heart to go the university in India myself. What I was realizing was that I wanted to learn how to give this oneness blessing. That, in fact, this was actually what I had been waiting all my life to do: to be part of the global team of thousands that were now giving deeksha around the world. With sudden joy, I realized that the work I’d been doing for years—counseling, giving workshops, writing—had simply been preparation for this new work. It took a few months of preparation, but soon I was off to India. I was pleasantly surprised from the very beginning: I actually managed the long ride there and back with surprising ease. I hardly noticed the heat and humidity and the other discomforts of India—amazing for someone like me with health and comfort issues!

The university itself felt as if it somehow existed on another dimension; it seemed to be enclosed in an energy field that kept our inner processes popping 24/7 for the full three weeks we were there. The presence who met me at the door of the large meditation hall was so powerful, so tangible, that I felt I was being drawn into “thickened light” each time I entered. Our guides throughout the process were several of the 200 people who now teach at the university—all of them Indian “kids” somewhere in their twenties. Some of them had been taught by Amma and Bhagavan since childhood; others had been taught by those earlier kids. But all of them I saw or experienced, without exception, were extraordinary. I kept thinking, What planet have these beings come from? Every one of them, despite their tender ages, carried themselves with a beautiful inner authority way past their years, along with a bright clarity, wisdom. and love shining from their faces.

Their lectures were eloquent; their expertise in leading us through processes, both sensitive and powerful. Never once did I sense a feeling of “politics” among them, as I always have in the past with all the spiritual groups I’ve encountered. They truly moved somehow as one being—demonstrating so clearly exactly what they were teaching: the reality of oneness. I never ceased to be awestruck by them.

The personal experiences I had during the process varied from ongoing, nonstoppable explosions of laughter to deep sessions of sobbing, feeling overwhelmed with the preciousness of divine love, to totally disappearing into a golden silence. The oneness blessings I received from the guides left me riveted; I felt my brain being rewired, difficult childhood patterns being lifted, and my heart swelling with immense joy. I have returned, feeling deeply transformed, more profoundly awake than ever before, and filled with a passion that totally lights my heart. I find myself eager to give the oneness blessing to others around me—and I have met with groups of people asking me for it. I know no greater joy than to offer this blessing to others and feel an unending gratitude of this gift I have received.

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