Our Authentic Journey

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By Amanda Rolfe

In life we often find ourselves stuck in a routine that doesn’t serve us or isn’t aligned with who we truly want to be—parking in the same place at work, ordering the same thing on the menu, listening to the same songs, thinking the same thoughts and trying to ignore them, getting home from work and clinking on the television without even thinking about it. Yet over and over we do these things. Why?

As humans, we are creatures of habit

We may have intentions of changing, so we try a diet that works great for a short time, and then we are back to our old ways after the initial spark fades. We attempt to not turn the TV on for one night but get bored and resort back. What is causing these changes not to last? We want change and we think about how to change. We read up on all of the latest and greatest health discoveries and fad diets, loading ourselves up with all the knowledge we can. But what does all this knowledge do for us if we don’t apply it effectively? It only adds to the stresses of our daily life. What a vicious cycle!

This is where the power of coaching comes in. With the help of a coach, we make it a priority to practice regularly. We aren’t always able to hold ourselves accountable. We don’t always know the best ways to integrate all the knowledge and change we want in order to better ourselves. However, with the right system of support and accountability, the change we have envisioned but struggled to achieve comes into reach.

It is my mission to create a safe space for people to open up and let their unique lights shine. We have all created a box around ourselves to be the perfect wife, the perfect dad, to be viewed as normal. This can all create a very numb human. It is important to take a step back, gain a fresh perspective, and determine what healthy looks like for you, and what alignment looks like for your heart’s desires. Yes, this can be a daunting and fearful undertaking, but fear can be an indicator that you are opening yourself up to do something courageous. And what better thing to be courageous about than self-liberation!?

If you are tired of being stuck and trying things that don’t last, but you want to move forward with your confidence soaring, then working with a coach can bring the clarity and accountability you need. Uncovering what alignment looks like for your life requires that you identify what is keeping you stuck, and that you learn what permanent habit changes you need to integrate to live in alignment with your authentic, unique, bright self.

At Authentic Alignment Wellness, I offer Discovery Sessions to start you on the path toward becoming the best version of yourself. Whether or not I am the right coach for you in the long term, there is tremendous value in an initial conversation to express yourself, reflect, and work together to determine what your next steps should be. Won’t you join me for the start of your journey?

Amanda Rolfe