Our Erratic Weather

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and Geoengineering’s Role In It

by Marla Crites, Betty Credit, and Ted Holmes

Global warming is undeniable. Massive glacial melt, sea level rise, and the hottest July on record confirm it. Is this warming a natural, cyclical event, or is it human caused?

There is also no doubt that global weather has become highly erratic. The media tell us that carbon-driven global warming is causing these weird weather extremes. We also are told that the numerous white streaks we see daily in the sky will reduce global temperatures. However, both NOAA and NASA have admitted that artificially overcast skies actually increase the temperature of the Earth’s surface. Elana Freeland writes that Americans are uninformed about this “national security” technology “… transforming our atmosphere and bodies as it manipulates macro-weather systems.” The official purpose for aerosol spraying is global cooling via solar radiation management (SRM). Ironically, SRM’s worsening of our polluted skies is also a major contributor to global warming.

As confirmed by lab tests, aerosols containing aluminum, barium and strontium are being dispersed from tanks on jets. These spray programs release metals in the sky in order to create an atmosphere that is more conductive of electromagnetic pulses, so that ionospheric heaters like HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project) can function. The high-level, artificial cirrus cloud layer, ostensibly put there to reflect solar radiation, actually traps heat. As scientist Clifford Carnicom puts it:

Given that the (atmosphere) has a specific heat value…aluminum, barium, magnesium, titanium and calcium…will have the net effect of increasing the temperature…a consequence of their specific heat values.

HAARP: what is its history and purpose?

The foundation for the HAARP microwave transmission installation rests in a 1987 patent by Bernard Eastlund. In 2012, Clifford Carnicom and Elana Freeland deconstructed Eastlund’s U.S. Patent #4,686,605, “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.” Carnicom guided Freeland through the dense language of the Eastlund patent, and she explains it in alarming detail. The

first section of the patent “…lays out the vast scope of HAARP to alter regions of the Earth’s atmosphere…” through various methods of heating “…aiming for a fully ionized plasma.” Following is a brief description of its purpose and capabilities.

Inspired by Nicola Tesla’s theories and based in Gakona, Alaska, HAARP is an ionospheric heater consisting of a 33-acre-wide array of 180 high frequency crossed-dipole antennas. Seventy feet in height, together they can direct 3.6 billion watts of microwave energy (that’s a lotta heat!) in a matter of seconds to the top of the ionosphere, the outer layer of our atmosphere. As the pulse pushes up through the atmosphere, it creates a corresponding vacuum below, causing winds to rush in. These microwave beams can be directed over the curvature of the earth, thereby affecting weather systems around the world.

There are also HAARP installations in Norway, Puerto Rico and other locations around the world. Some are small enough to be placed on ships or trucks. They all work in concert with the Alaskan installation via satellite.

The One-Two Punch

Through Ionospheric heating experiments, scientists have found they can cause or intensify hurricanes, droughts, floods, tornados, and even earthquakes. Here’s an example of how droughts and floods are created and related. The aluminum, barium and strontium nanoparticles are dessicants and pull moisture from the soil, plants, animals (and us), creating artificial cirrus clouds. These clouds are manipulated by ionospheric heaters to alter weather cycles. For example, California’s scant humidity is carried by the jet stream over the Rocky Mountains, where it mixes with Arctic air. The cold air causes the moisture laden nanoparticles to collect, forming raindrops heavy enough to fall in such quantities that the Midwest gets flooded, while the West Coast endures years of drought.

Elana Freeland uses the phrase “dump and pump” to describe the dependence that storm-steering mechanisms such as HAARP have on aerosol trails loaded with conductive metal particulates. Will Thomas

prefers to characterize the same process as “spray and zap.” Chemtrails are the medium—directed microwave energy is the method.

Weather Warfare

In 1998 the U.S. Air Force released its seminal document, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025.” This document publicly revealed that the military-industrial complex considers weather a weapon in its pursuit of “full-spectrum dominance.”

Who Benefits?

Crop failure drives farmers to sell cheap to big agribusiness. Devastating hurricanes mean profits when big contractors rebuild. Freeland writes, “Whole nations can be brought to heel with economic privation or the threat thereof.” Naomi Klein describes “…the advent of a new kind of slippery capitalism willing to orchestrate destructive events in order…” to extract material gain from the targeted. Peter Kirby states that the military carries out the spraying, but orders come from Wall Street energy companies, insurance companies, and weather-derivatives investors. Of course we taxpayers foot the bill and ingest the many toxic components of the aerosols, while global warming accelerates.

Our next two articles will discuss geoengineering’s damage to the biosphere and ways you can protect your health.

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