Peripheral Consciousness

Mark Johnson

By M.A. Johnson Integrate Medium

From the time we first start preschool we are thrown into the everyday hustle of life. We immediately become frightened and quickly learn how to fit in and interact with the people around us. From there on our conscience starts developing an ego out of fear and we use it as a defense mechanism.

The world moves so fast, we start training ourselves to focus on keeping up with the ever-changing system around us. We are so focused on keeping up, that we start to forget who we are and start becoming the person the world wants us to be so that we fit in with our society. Our surroundings shape our ego into the person we become. Our lives move so fast from when we first join society and onward, that our brains are constantly thinking of either what we are doing next, or what we have just done.

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Who we really are becomes something of the past.

We are not our true selves unless we learn to shut off our brains from time to time. Our pure conscience operates best without worry. Our brains are for moving our bodies, registering world actions and operations on its vibrational plane. We only need our brains for interacting with the world.

Our pure conscience is our pure selves, our souls. We need to recognize and remind ourselves of this from time to time. For this is the only thing we “need” to do. The faster life goes, the narrower our focus becomes concentrated on the tasks at hand. For most of us, due to survival, this is unavoidable. We have bills to pay, children to feed and a world that is constantly changing that we must keep up with.

It is almost impossible for us to stop and remind ourselves of our true being without help from an outside conscience source when our lives are moving at such a fast pace. Good thing we’re not doing this alone. Not only do we have spiritual help on this physical plane from friends and family, but we also have spiritual help from our friends and family in spirit who love and know us very well. None of us would have agreed to come to this world without a little help. From the day we are born they are with us unseen, operating on a different vibration. When we first start out, our connection with them is very strong. As we progress in our lives the connection becomes weaker because we must focus more on the world and our experiences.

When our spirit helpers feel that we are ready for a break from the physical world, they intervene by showing us signs. Sometimes they are physical signs and sometimes they are mental signs. Some are very strong. Some are more subtle. Some people are so intertwined with their everyday lives it becomes very difficult for our spirit helpers to reach us. It’s like someone who must break up a heated fight. The fighters don’t even notice the person trying to break it up. That’s why it’s important to keep an open awareness in life. It’s very easy to get locked up in the hustle of everyday life.

Once you become attuned to the idea of spirit and you feel the need for a stronger spiritual connection, that’s when you need to take a conscious step back, look at the whole picture and open your mind. If you’re reading this article, then you’re ready.

Peripheral Consciousness is being peripherally aware of your connection with spirit. Not just when meditating but continually throughout the day. We are all spiritual beings. We just forget that as we dig deeper into our worldly lives. Just a simple peripheral conscious thought of our spiritual connection is enough to strengthen it as we live out our daily lives. Living with Peripheral Consciousness will open your mind and help you see the whole picture. With a stronger spirit connection, it allows our spirit helpers to assist us more easily. You might start to look at the world from a different perspective.

  I’m not saying to focus on your spirit connection throughout the day,
as we are not here to be spiritual.

We are here for the experiences and being spiritual just helps us along the way. We have plenty of “time” in spirit to be spiritual. Life here is all about balance and that’s why it’s important to keep your

Peripheral Consciousness, Peripheral. That allows your life experiences to be the way they should and allows your conscience soul some ease. Focusing on your spirit connection should be done while meditating, praying or during your life break time. Which is definitely a must.

During times of hardship, pain, fear, grief and uncertainties our Peripheral Consciousness helps by reminding us that no matter what happens in life, our true conscience souls will be ok no matter what. Having a portion of your conscience open to spirit again will change your perspective on life and a greater understanding will start to persist.

Once you receive a mental or physical message from Peripheral Consciousness, make sure you acknowledge and address it. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that signs and messages are not as they seem. Most of the time our spirit helpers will not make it obvious because that would make it too easy. So, they want to help but not do it for you. Afterall, we all chose to be here for a reason.

Timing is everything. So, keeping an open mind to your “coincidences” is important. Our “coincidences” are our spirit helpers’ most common way of getting our attention.

If you would like to know more about Peripheral Consciousness, I would love to discuss the matter more in-depth. Conscience, conscious and consciousness can be confusing terms.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.