Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing

WHY you should be Clearing Yourself

An essential idea we teach our clients

By Ty and Nora from Ener-Chi Wellness

All Source Beings on a True Source Path are having many obstacles, as you may have noticed. To empower our clients, we provide several skill sets and tools. So that a sensitive, psychic, intuitive or Source Player may ride this interesting time with ease, grace, authentic soul power, and wisdom. Some of the tools we provide are for clearing, protection, or energy boosting. They are simple authentic Source commands to keep your universe CLEAN. Those with intense flow issues may require a few clearing session to set the stage of their clearing practice.

Quantum Healing-Ty-NoraThe most powerful tool we recommend for any beginner (or healer, masseuse, intuitive, psychic) is the Krystaline Neutralization Ring. The Neutralization Ring clears between 5-22 layers of your energies within seconds. The ring is layered with five noble metals, creating a powerful orgone/life energy/scalar field. The spokes direct the energy to create a point/vortex that zero out chaotic information. That means negative bugs, physical conditions, pain, negative thoughts, other people’s energies will lose their informational imprint and ZERO OUT. A person can stand over it, place it on a body part, place it under food, or put it under any object to instantly neutralize a vast amount of negativity. This is literally your own personal clearing shaman for the rest of your life; quite a resource. The 4-inch ring is recommended for beginners, and the 9-inch is recommended for Practitioners. We personally take this ring with us EVERYWHERE.

The Krystaline Sun Ring and The Divinity Ring are tools to recharge you. Both will charge objects, or boost your field with life energy and beneficial bio scalar energies. The sun ring will also amplify any intent, remedy, crystal or other healing tool placed within it. There are many more uses for these devices and we have videos showing some of these novel uses.

Our Orgone Tools/Jewelry (orgonite/quantum broadcasting) are a vital part of keeping your home and energies clean. Orgone broadcasting technologies have organic materials, crystals, powdered metals and herbs to create huge life energy fields that protect and repel “bad” energy. We tune each piece with fifty Source/Heart Frequencies on nineteen quantum/scalar devices. These are some of the most powerful Orgone-based tools on the planet. It is very helpful to take these highly protective tools with you wherever you go. We recommend the affordable Orgone Pendant to start with.

All our clients get coached on the use of the basic SOURCE COMMANDS. These surpass all magic, intention-based tools in cleanliness, manifestation and power. There are no trappings as in other systems. They are possibly the fabric code of this creation/matrix. By using two easy-to-use words and one short statement, you can basically get on the road to clearing your body and spaces of anything. They are so easy to remember that teaching young children this technique is not a problem. We can teach you these during our clearing sessions, or a personal coaching session. Eventually, we will all be able to use all our abilities with no external tools required.

There are a few reasons the above might not work as expected, and your universe may need a True Quantum Healing. Parasitic thought forms/emotions from other people can seriously dampen your ability to manage your own energies and universe. While we know all Source Beings have the ability to clear just about anything, a lifetime of constant trauma, emotional numbness, negative intention/programming from others, targeting, and other matrix nonsense can be a serious hamper to your abilities. With just a few sessions, most people will see dramatic improvements in their abilities to manifest and keep their universe clean. Beginners and seasoned multidimensional Source Beings will all benefit. Our session rates are very affordable.

Our podcast has some great ideas for the Advanced Source Player! Please check that out, too.

Even though our world seems to be obsessed with negative energies and chaos, we can be in control of our own universe, and assist others by being a stable Source Energy Point by just following these basic concepts. Contact us for a FREE 20-minute consultation (normally $40-$60 value). ?(925) 627-6880?



Testimonial from one of our very special hard workers:

So let us just say miracles. Maybe you did something for me, when I wrote you, but your responses did something because I connected to your energy. I went back to our session’s starting in June of this year. I went through all of them and re-affirmed all you taught me, did check in’s, went deep into what is beneath these horrible pains, inability to walk, found deep sources for me to clear from our session’s. For the first time in seven years I am pain free. I have walked five miles the last three days. I have no pain in my body. After seven years this is a miracle. We would not be where we are today without you, and our incredible love as Sister’s. I have a new Life, I am healed, I am pain free, and I am an exercising machine. I Love You, and all you have done for me and J., and ourselves, and our families. Your work has saved so many lives and given J. and I tools to help many others. This is quite the miracle testimony.

Love you and Nora, Namaste, Hugs, kisses, mega Love, True Source Love, Thank You from the bottom of my Soul and Heart, V.