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For Lotus Guide Advertisers

Referrals: Get $25-$55 off on your next invoice when refer a new advertiser to Lotus Guide

Your circle of friends and business connections are the very people we want to welcome into the Lotus Guide community.

By networking together we become a much stronger and effective force in the community to help others.

What To Do To Make a Referral

  1. Contact your friend who may be interested in Lotus Guide.
  2. Tell them about your experience with Lotus Guide and if they are interested, tell them that we will contact them.
  3. Send us their contact information and any ideas that may help us understand what they need.

This is simply friends sharing information so don’t be concerned about being professional or the need to explain, other than simply sharing your experience; let us take care of the technical side. We know you will be referring friends so be assured that we will take good care of them.

If You Are Not An Advertiser and you ran across this page, consider yourself a friend of ours and we will pass the $25-$55 on to you when you sign up 🙂

Feel free to visit our Advertisement page for more information HERE, we would love to talk with you to show you the many ways we can assist you in your business…we are much more that just a magazine, we represent a community of people who are helping people in our communities.

Email us for more information at or call 530-894-8433