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In the process of looking for something positive to balance out this issue of Lotus Guide I was pleasantly surprised to find many positive things happening in our world, but one stood out. The reason for this is because Regenerative Agriculture touches on every problem we have and ends up playing an important role in coming up with solutions.

Problems We Face In Our World Today

  • GMO Foods: This is a no brainer; GMO crops have all but bankrupted the world and caused health problems that seem
  • Financial: Regenerative agriculture is not only healthier and safer, but in a matter of 3 or 4 years a farmer can completely turn his, and our, financial situation around.
  • Environmental Impact: Glyphosate, need I say more? Since glyphosate is water-soluble it has entered into our water supply and obviously our bodies. Do you know the original use of glyphosate?
  • Air Pollution: Some of the largest emitters of methane are our outdated farming techniques and growing crops like sugar beets.
  • National Security: Other countries like Russia are playing the long game, but not that long because in five years they will have a healthier society by going completely organic and using Regenerative Agriculture techniques. We, on the other hand, will have one of the unhealthiest and sickest populations on the planet spending most of our resources on an ineffective health system.
  • Our Health System: This point alone will be our undoing and demise unless we do something different with what we put in our bodies.
  • Uninformed Citizens: Very few people understand why Bayer was able to buy Monsanto for pennies on the dollar. This was orchestrated at the highest levels by global elites and international corporations; I bet you don’t know what they have planned next. HINT: Liberty Link – Do your research because this explains everything. The online article has this information.

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In the fall issue of Lotus Guide we will go more in depth about this but for now, know that there are global movements to bring Regenerative Agriculture to the world, like “Regeneration International” and researchers and doctors like Dr. Zach Bush whom I will be interviewing. On a local level we have the “Center For Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems” at Chico State University (The Lotus Guide started out as a class project at CSU). Read in this issue what Michael DiMartino is doing in the Nevada City area. Like it or not, the recent situation has shown clearly that we are not bystanders watching the world around us, we are participants…so PARTICIPATE!


This is from Regeneration International
A Global Shift to Regenerative Agriculture Can:

  • Feed the world: Small farmers already feed the world with less than a quarter of all farmland.
  • Decrease GHG emissions: A new food system could be a key driver of solutions to climate change. The current industrial food system is responsible for 44% to 57% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reverse climate change: Emissions reduction alone is simply inadequate. Luckily, science says that we can actually reverse climate change by increasing soil carbon stocks.
  • Improve yields:In cases of extreme weather and climate change, yields on organic farms are significantly higher than conventional farms.
  • Create drought-resistant soil: The addition of organic matter to the soil increases the water holding capacity of the soil. Regenerative organic agriculture builds soil organic matter.
  • Revitalize local economies: Family farming represents an opportunity to boost local economies.
  • Preserve traditional knowledge:Understanding indigenous farming systems reveals important ecological clues for the development of regenerative organic agricultural systems.
  • Nurture biodiversity: Biodiversity is fundamental to agricultural production and food security, as well as a valuable ingredient of environmental conservation.
  • Restore grasslands:One third of the earth’s surface is grasslands, 70% of which have been degraded. We can restore them using holistic planned grazing.
  • Improve nutrition: Nutritionists now increasingly insist on the need for more diverse agro-ecosystems in order to ensure a more diversified nutrient output of the farming systems.


There are over one hundred situations on our planet that could bring our civilization to a halt within the next decade or two. And every single one of them could be corrected and/or alleviated by Regenerative Agriculture. To pick one is difficult; obesity, Autism, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, well, let’s pick Autism. If Autism continues at the rate it’s going, within 20 years it will take the entire wealth and population of the planet to care for autistic children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. If that were the one and only problem we would be in deep trouble…but there’s more, much more.

At this point you’re probably saying, “And this is the positive news?” Yes, knowing and identifying a problem is the beginning of solving it. This is true of everything right now, Black Lives Matter for instance. They want to be heard and for everyone to take action, which, let’s face it, society has made some improvements regarding equality but we have a long way to go. We are all witnessing the birth of something sacred, a reality emerging and saying Wake Up, a new day is coming, but like any birth, it is painful at first. But then you look into the eyes of that new being and the connection transcends time and space. All we need to do is let go of our anger, hatred and outdated dangerous attitudes toward each other and the very planet we live on.

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