Jane Miners

A Healing Gift for Our Changing World

By Jane Miners

I recently asked myself:

  • Why do I do what I do?
  • Why am I driven to teach Reiki and yoga, and be a part of the wellness community?
  • Why do I want to help people—what is the drive?”

The immediate answer that came to me was joy! It brings me joy to help people understand energy, trust our intuitive human nature, and to increase healing and well-being. Like everyone, I love to feel good, and one of the ways I feel good is helping others feel good. I love to teach, just like many people love to garden, paint, drive racecars, or any other passion. Joyful passion brings love and well-being, which in turn improves our health by increasing vibrational flow in our bodies. These good feelings then spread outward, affecting the whole of humanity.

We all want to feel joy in our lives, but we often face tragedy, health issues, financial hardship, or relationship challenges. Yet we can still experience joy and find balance amid all of these adversities. Reiki is a tool that can help us to find this state of joy, no matter what we are experiencing, because it helps to recalibrate all energies of body, mind, and spirit.

It is now more widely understood that energy is everything. Our thoughts, words, actions, memories, and physical surroundings are all created from particles of energy in motion, which create frequencies. Our minds interpret these frequencies as matter, emotions, light and sound, and so on. Food is energy, plants, cars, smells, clothes … everything is energy.

Reiki is an energetic system that changes lower vibrational frequencies into higher, more balanced ones. When one uses Reiki on oneself, a sense of peace can be realized immediately. It can also be used to release negative emotions that have been “stuck” in the body. Essentially, Reiki can purge emotional, physical, and mental blockages to reset and redirect positive flow of energy throughout the body.

By definition, Reiki is “spiritually guided, universal life-force energy.” This energy has been present on the planet since the beginning of time, but it became more well known through the traditional Japanese system brought by Sensei Mikao Usui in the 1920s. Usui knew Reiki as an energy that can evolve and grow with human consciousness. Since Usui began his teachings, methods and uses have indeed evolved, and now there are many different systems that can be used to share this loving and healing energy.

Acquiring the ability to harness and share Reiki requires an energetic attunement from a Reiki master. This is done by simply allowing your energetic body to harmonize with a specific frequency, much like tuning into a radio station. Once received, you have the ability to channel Reiki energy through the physical body throughout your lifetime.

When I learned Reiki, I was attuned to the Usui Holy Fire system of Reiki, which combines traditional Usui methods and the powerful, loving energy of Holy Fire. Holy Fire is a Reiki system derived from the word holistic—wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. It is not associated with any religious tradition but recognizes humans as spiritual beings and enhances our spiritual nature and awareness.

rooted in life-jane minersHoly Fire is a high-frequency energy that works with humans and the planet as we rise in vibrational frequency together. Much of the change and upheaval that we witness throughout the world is due to the changing frequencies of Mother Earth: The magnetic pole shifts and environmental changes are causing vibrational shifts of the planet and all of us. We are all experiencing these changes but often don’t know how to interpret them or may not be aware of what is happening.

As Holy Fire became a big part in my own personal healing—like many, I have experienced trauma, loss, depression, and addiction—I knew I wanted to share it with others, because we all need personal healing at certain times. Yet we also need community for support and to nurture growth on the individual level. Each personal healing affects the community as a whole because we are all connected by invisible, energetic threads of words, thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

Holy Fire Reiki assists us in bringing more balance and unconditional love to ourselves and the planet, and it also helps us to remember the unity of all creation, and it reminds us how to work together to find joy, peace, and community in ways that contribute to the good of all.

In light of all of this, I began to collaborate with fellow Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher Amy Alward to design a new Reiki class—Family Reiki—so that all ages can access this healing energy and loved ones can grow together.

The Family Reiki class is designed with community in mind and will guide students in how to use Reiki in everyday life, on the self, and it will teach tools to help bring families together by improving communication, heal ancestral patterns, process difficult emotions, and bring more lasting joy.

Along with Family Reiki, Amy Alward and I offer all levels of adult Reiki classes throughout the year. Those who do not wish to become attuned to Reiki can still receive Reiki healing through a personal session, which can help bring more balance and joy throughout your life, no matter what you are going through.


Jane Miners is a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki master teacher, Hatha yoga instructor, and founder of The Wellness Collective. For more information about family and adult Reiki classes, or personal Reiki sessions, go to RootedLifeReiki.com, ReikiNomad.com. or call Jane at 530-354-3119.