Relax With Me

Your Consciousness Key

An Induction to Know Your Best Friend

By Lynn Tossello, Ph.D.

As a hypnotherapist and metaphysician, I have come to know the power of deep relaxation and the benefit of utilizing the subconscious mind to achieve personal goals. The following is a sample of a short relaxation session intended to relieve the stress of isolation and the many concerns of our daily lives.

Lynn TosselloWe use control as a way to feel safe, but it is tiring and constantly puts us in worry mode which is taxing to both mind and body. Our media, whether broadcast or social, feeds that worry and causes us to increase our vigilance, draining our energy. This induction can help you relax from dealing with the current world by allowing your conscious mind to have a rest.

Read it slowly, thoughtfully. Let it soak into you to sooth and fill any empty spaces. Let the words wash over you, restoring you, allowing you to find within yourself the love, life, and beauty that is always with you.

By doing this sample, you can imaginatively go where your mind and body can feel relief for good mental and physical health. You can use this for a short respite, to gain a sense of renewal before returning to work or family engagement. You can also begin with this, and then relax further into a longer rest.

You might have someone read this to you, or simply sit quietly with eyes closed for a moment, before reading on.

Relax In The Moment

Close your eyes for a moment. Listen. Feel. Not using your sight for that moment allowed you to use your other senses to perceive your surroundings.

Do it again. This time, sense inwardly, within your body. Focus on your breathing. Put one hand on your chest and feel your heart; that soft, rhythmic boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, the reassuring pulse of life within you.

Take a deep breath into your belly. Let it out, with sound: Ahhhhh…  Relax within yourself. Repeat this three times, allowing your body to soften a little more each time.

Let go of fear and worry. Set them aside, or throw them far away. It’s up to you. Let your mind flow. Just let your mind drift, now, like a little boat on a lazy stream. You may see pictures, or be reminded of music, or have a memory of an experience float by. You notice it but you let it go as another image or impression comes along.

Within the being that you are, there is magnificent power to imagine your creation, to choose and create what you desire. Your power of thought contains the energy of the universe. Imagine what you see in your mind can be real.

So many wise ones through the ages have shared their visions and understanding of the creative force, leading us all to realize we are each creating our personal experience at every moment. They left us direction to find it for ourselves. Plant the seed and see it grow.

Release Limitation

Now center on your deepest heart. See it, feel it, know it is connected to the universe. Mind heart soul creator. You create each moment of your life. Create from your heart. Create what’s good. Love. Beautiful nature. Abundance for life; teeming life across the world. Earth comes forth in bursting beauty; sprouting joy; filling every mouth with food; filling every heart with gratitude.

Allow your conscious mind to relax, to flow like a happy stream meandering through forest and meadow. Free, so free. Joining with others, becoming a wide river coursing to the sea. All creating spirit; all universal substance; all form unified in spirit dance. Together.

Moved by the heart; moved by the soul, raising the voice in ecstatic song; holding each other, circling, circling, rising to the moon and back. Shivering in the cold night, flying up into the ethers so high we touch sunlight to warm us. Here in the sky, far above Earth, seeing the billions of stars twinkling all around, seeing the clouds swirling and twirling as the unseen wind moves them through ever-changing patterns; seeing the whole world below, so small in the expanse of space. A ball of life, to love. Then down again, we spiral to touch Earth this time renewed by the freeing flight. We are connected to each other and to all of this. There is no separation, only one now; only one all, everything, everyone.

Embrace Your Power to Create

Knowing you are a continuous part of the expansive universe so large, but so close it is everywhere around you; it hugs you. And having been among the stars, you know you are a Creator-created creator creating. We forget, sometimes, that our thinking creates and colors our experience. Now, your thinking is renewed. You carry the glow of the stars, with moon dust still on your shoes. You’ve gone beyond limitation. You now know greater possibilities.

Bringing that wonder back you apply it to every moment; this is your life experience. You have the creative power within you to draw in what you need and desire. You have the connection to all. Believe you have it. Know you have had it all along.

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