RePurpose-Making Something from Nothing


Every time we go to the dump to take all of our broken “stuff” from China because of “planned obsolescence,” we are amazed at the things people throw away that could be resurrected into something else. We really need to rethink how we live our lives on every level. Most of the time when we have to make a change it’s uncomfortable but when you visit this little shop in Paradise you will see people having nothing but fun “repurposing” everything imaginable. Change can be meaningful, fun, and in this case, have a purpose, a RePurpose.

Rahasya & Dhara, Lotus Guide

By Gail Ennis

Why would you want to shop at a new store called Re-purpose by Design and Friends?

Because we are committed to the idea of sustainability and upcycling, or repurposing. This is an idea whose time has come and it’s all happening right here in Paradise.

Even our address, 6202 Skyway, is identified by bold numbers that were my kitchen cabinet doors at one time. You will immediately sense that something unique and different is waiting for you beyond that bright green door out front.

Once inside you are greeted by an upcycled chalkboard stating: “Welcome to the land of Oz, where things seem familiar but are different.” Everywhere you look are examples of unique art by vendors and consignors who truly believe in the possibilities of giving things a new life instead of a trip to the nearest landfill.repurpose

Gail Ennis, the proprietor, says that the building that now houses the store was a perfect example of what a little inspiration can achieve and further identifies the store’s mission. I would drive by it daily, feeling as if it were calling me to help give it life instead of being just another lonely, downtown storefront. Finally, I could not stand it anymore and did something about it. It was challenging and took us a while but we did it.

We tried to incorporate many of the outside building aspects inside, including corrugated tin and rebar found buried in the basement now cleverly crafted into curtain rods. Our creative checkout counter is a door originally mounted somewhere inside the building but abandoned for many years. The bathroom features a ’50s sewing machine cabinet housing a common wooden salad bowl acting as the sink with the water coming through a bird house.

“It is our mission to inspire and create. We have 58 colors of chalk paint, sealers, and other paint supplies, and we offer free one- on- one instruction by appointment.”

Many other classes, some requiring a nominal fee, are scheduled. A full list with dates and times may be found on our website, Consignment space for creative and artistic “re-purposers” will always be available to those who want to share their vision with the community.

A professional designer on staff specializes in theme rooms. Other services include garage organization and quilting by the inch.

Store hours are 11am-7pm Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm Saturday, and noon-4pm Sunday, 6202 Skyway, Paradise, next to BLAZEnJ’s, 530-828-7616.