Shamanic Retrieval


By Annie Fuller, Spiritual Healer/Teacher


Your joyful, innocent 5-year-old self wades in a bubbling stream while singing to deer, squirrels, and raccoons. She won’t come home to you if Daddy is still around. What happened at that age?

A 40-year-old devoted mother feels an unexplained loss. In the upper worlds I meet a creative, 25-year-old soul part painting a large, brightly colored canvas. Wasn’t that the age you had your first child and turned your studio into a nursery?

An 18-year-old part of your soul is standing on the side of the road, screaming. Is that where the car accident occurred 10 years ago? Are you still afraid to drive?


A tightly swaddled newborn, forgotten and frozen in shock, is all alone in the hospital nursery. You’re now 75. Hasn’t abandonment been your foundational wound?

Trauma and Dissociation

Trauma, as illustrated in the true-life vignettes, is subjective and relative. We dissociate or detach in response to an ordeal. An abusive father, life changes, a terrifying car accident, abandonment. We survive. Dissociation with diverse effects can be called post-traumatic stress.

People spend years trying to break free from overwhelming experiences and childhood conditioning. Pharmaceutical companies offer medications to ease our pain. But is it possible to fully heal when pieces of ourselves are missing?

What Dissociates? Where Does It Go? How Can We Get It Back?

When we experience trauma, part(s) of our soul split off, go to a place in another reality, and become stuck in time. We survive, yet there’s a cost. Soul parts, unaware the trauma is over, are continuously reliving it. This affects us dramatically, for they are us. With vital energetic aspects of our soul no longer present, a void is created that too often becomes filled with heavy energy. All soulular energy reflects and mirrors down through the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. The state of our soul affects our entire human experience.

Soul retrieval, a cross-cultural shamanic tradition, is a ceremony in which lost parts of the soul are found, offered healing, and brought back to us, where they belong. Ancient and limitless, it enhances traditional therapy and even saves lives.

The Human Soul

Spirit and soul have become interchangeable words. Spirit is consciousness. Imagine a sparkling light, and in the center, see the seed of a soul. When spirit incarnates into form, our soul seed emerges and grows. We are spirit, within soul, within body.

Each individual soul is a multilayered, living library composed of refined and heavy energies. Situated in the center of the chest at the “heart/soul space,” the soul emanates and surrounds us like a large bubble of energy. Other names for soul are aura, energy bubble, and human energy field.

The soul, like a protective mother, helps ground and support our survival as human beings. As a library, it stores memories of past experiences and incarnations. Our individual souls have been doing this since we began our cycle of awakening.

Symptoms of Soul Loss

These can include addiction, self-hatred, depression, memory loss, spaciness, anxiety, feeling as if you don’t belong, illness, suicidal tendencies, insomnia. … Are you ever emotionally triggered? Do you have unsettling dreams, flashbacks, phobias? Post-traumatic stress of any kind?


I met Marc in Mexico through a mutual friend. He had been a Green Beret during the Vietnam War and returned home with a severe case of post-traumatic stress. For years, Marc saw countless doctors and took a myriad of prescription medications. He got little relief. No matter where Marc was—in bed, on the beach, at the store—he could not get away from the war. At Marc’s final psychiatric visit, the doctor told him, “You have the worst case of PTSD I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing we can do for you.”

I did a soul retrieval. Taken to a battlefield, I witnessed an adrenal-pumping, hyperalert, shattered soul part. My teacher said, “Gather all the pieces in a basket.” I called, “Marc. Come. Come.” When the basket was full, we took it to my power spot and immersed the pieces in the healing waters. After a long while, a 20-year-old Marc, vibrant, grounded, and present, emerged from the water. He greeted his power animal, who had been waiting for him at the shoreline. I blew Marc, ready for life, and his power animal home, into his soul, where they belonged.

A few days later Marc said he’d slept better than he had in years. I never saw him again, although our friend told me he was back in Texas and feeling calm. Marc was finally able to leave the war behind.


Sonja was an active woman in her late 30s with two young children. A skiing accident necessitated numerous surgeries, and she had a rod in her knee and walked with a cane. Sonja was so depressed she barely spoke.

Here is a highlight from one of our healing ceremonies.

While channeling light for Sonja, I realized she needed a soul retrieval to restore her voice. My teacher and power animal took me to the ocean floor, where I saw beautiful fish encircling a small area. Instructed to dig, I uncovered a treasure chest. When I opened it, the sparkle of dazzling jewels almost blinded me. Rubies. Emeralds. Diamonds.

My teacher said they were a manifestation of Sonja’s voice and had been hidden there since she was 5 years old. I received the riches, called for healing, and blew the beauty of her voice directly into Sonja’s throat.

Later that week I received a phone call from Sonja’s husband, who was wondering what had happened at the last healing. He said Sonja had been talking nonstop! Sonja said she was speaking in the way of a young child and wondered if that was okay. I told her to give herself a few days for the energy of her voice to harmonize and balance within her newly refined soulscape. It took a week for Sonja to have her adult voice back.


One of the goals for human beings is to be whole, with all the fragmented parts from past and present lifetimes joined together like a fully completed jigsaw puzzle. Dissociation and soul loss are common themes for a majority of my clients, whether they are physically ill, emotionally suffering, or energetically challenged. I’ve been facilitating soul retrievals for more than 26 years and have witnessed miracles. I’ve also had many soul retrievals and believe I wouldn’t be sane or healthy without them.

Let’s All Come Home to OurselvesAnnie-fuller-shaman-2

Be here now, in the present moment. Reap wisdom gained from the past, yet leave the past behind. Move from inner duality and separation into oneness. I’m grateful for the oftentimes instantaneous healing potential of the soul retrieval ceremony.

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Annie Fuller, international spiritual healer/teacher, has a healing practice in Paradise, where she sees clients of all ages for varying situations. She offers diverse workshops on shamanism, spiritual healing, and Andean mysticism, and she brings groups to Peru for spiritual travel.