Stay Healthy Naturally

By Terra Karma

You might know me from EarthDance or our “TerraKarma’s Chico Music for Peace Festivals” in the plaza. But I’ve always wanted to be a healer of some kind. This past year, besides giving music lessons, our family started a company called Silver Remedy to sell colloidal silver. You really have to question your source of information when you’re reading about health, nutrition, and colloidal silver. Information is important—for instance, how many thousands of people has American medicine harmed with toxic chemo and radiation in the name of healing? Until I discovered colloidal silver, I had no idea it had been used for thousands of years to treat and prevent illness from more than 650 kinds of germs.

Colloidal silver is effective against infections, colds, influenza, and parasitic infestations. Of course the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not admitted to these statements, but that doesn’t make them not true. Silver Remedy does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We’re not doctors—we’re healers and we’ve found something that we want to share with as many people as we can.

I discovered colloidal silver after I got a bad sinus infection last year. I started eating tons of raw garlic and consuming Echinacea tincture. I was using two rolls of toilet paper a night blowing my raw, sore nose. I bought a ton of high-quality vitamin C, alfalfa tablets, organic apple cider vinegar, raw local honey, and fenugreek seeds to boil, breathe the stream, and then drink. I was using a neti pot, eating no sugar, meditating the infection away, and doing breathing exercises. Nothing was helping and the yellow/green mucus started to show blood. Then I got a bladder infection!! With only cranberry pills and a garden full of parsley, I couldn’t shake it.Silver_Remedy_1-6

Finally, against my intuition, I went to a walk-in clinic in Chico late one Friday night because none of the alternative healers would be available until Monday morning and I was in a lot of pain. Of course I was given antibiotics, a pain shot that didn’t help, and no mention of staying away from sugar, citrus, and dairy products.

Seven days later, the sinus infection had turned into a throat and lung infection along with a yeast infection. I was getting worse and found out from the health office at Butte College that I had been given the wrong antibiotics. Of course its answer was “more antibiotics.”

Because it was Friday once again I went down to the local health-food store where the staff suggested colloidal silver. It seemed a bit expensive at $20 for two ounces but I was willing to pay anything to get better! I opened it in the parking lot and took a couple of droppers full. No bad taste, no stinging or burning, so I tried to snort some up my nose and finally, I experienced some relief. By the time I finished the bottle two days later I was all better. Why had I never heard of colloidal silver before?

Our family started this colloidal silver business because colloidal silver is expensive, but it works for everything we have tried it on. We are organic vegetarians who grow our own food and believe in Native Indian, ayurvedic, and Chinese healing. We wanted to help make colloidal silver affordable for people who are sick and for those who have tried American allopathic medicine to no avail.

When people come to us with an illness that has not been diagnosed and they have no money for a doctor, we give them colloidal silver and they usually get better. Colloidal silver kills a broad spectrum of germs, making it an easy treatment for a wide variety of illnesses. Since it’s tasteless, odorless, and doesn’t sting when you drop in your eye, it’s easy and harmless for people to try.

Note that some people who use colloidal silver suffer from “blue skin” (argyria), but they make their colloidal silver with tap water. The silver particles bond to the minerals in the water and accumulate in their skin. Our commercial SilverGen SG7Pro generator won’t operate unless the distilled water we use is pure and of high quality. The colloidal silver made with the SilverGen SG7PRO has been tested by Sovereign Silver, using its TEM microscope.

I use our colloidal silver as a hand sanitizer every day and when I wake up I spray it on my face. I got rid of my toenail fungus, which healed after nothing else worked! Also, I like to spray our colloidal silver in public places where germs are easy to pick up. We spray it on our vegetables to keep them fresh longer. My husband got pinkeye and our colloidal silver helped it clear up in one day. On a different occasion, he used it for a sty under his eyelid. My 11-year-old son got poison oak and he recovered noticeably faster than he did the last time he was exposed. He also used it on a rash, sore throat, scrapes, bug bites, an ear infection, and canker sores. My 16-year-old daughter loves our colloidal silver because it’s the only thing that keeps her face from breaking out with acne. We also gave it to her friend, who got rid of mono, upon which her antibiotics were having no effect. My grandmother wipes her cat’s eye, which used to weep, and puts it in the cat’s drinking water. We also spray it on her toothbrush, kitchen counters, telephones, remotes, door handles, sponges, and cutting boards.

Colloidal silver creates an environment that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for pathogens to survive and multiply. Before the invention of antibacterial soap, colloidal silver was used as a disinfectant. In ancient times silver was used in wound dressings and it was frequently used for the same purposes in America after the Civil War. There is no known disease-causing organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of colloidal silver. Laboratory tests show that anaerobic bacteria, virus, and fungus organisms are all killed within minutes of contact. It also kills parasites while they are still in their egg stage.

I am passionate about a lot of things in my life and healing people is one of them. We protest against GMOs, geoengineering, and dirty nuclear energy, and we support the banning of fracking. I hope you will give me a call and tell me what you think of my article and give me a chance to get to know you better. Thank you for sharing this time with me.


Terra Karma is sales manager for Silver Remedy. Buy one and get one for one-half off at Lotus Flower Imports in Chico when you mention this article. Or visit our website at to order online or call 530-316-HEAL (4325).