Sky Meditation

Sky Meditation

By Dhara Lemos

“Open your mind. Allow your heart to be pierced by this divine arrow that will shatter every definition of yourself. Allow yourself to be empty, nothing, nobody. Allow yourself the sweet bewilderment in God. Then wait and see.” A Love Secret Spoken, by Gangaji

You might want to call this meditation “Stepping Free.” In this meditation, you sit back, relax, and observe your feelings without judgment and with total acceptance. When you put the light of consciousness on them, they start losing power over you. The sky is untouched and unchanging, it’s always “just there,” still and empty. It doesn’t matter what kind of storm may be passing—you are the sky, not what’s happening in the sky. You’re not the clouds, you’re not the thunder, the wind, or anything else that passes through. Nothing touches or harms the sky—it’s just there, safe in its own emptiness. This meditation helps us to see that we are not the actions that we’ve done in our lives, we are not our thoughts and attitudes or even our feelings. One’s true self is what it always has been and always will be, the absolute stillness in which the drama of life plays out.

Instructions Find a comfortable place to lie down, in the park, on the beach, or in your backyard, and look up at the sky. You don’t need to think about the sky—just gaze and move into the sky, and allow the sky to move into you. Be one with the sky. In the sky you see clouds passing by; those clouds are your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they may look small and insignificant, and other times they may appear to be storm clouds, but you are not the clouds, you are the sky.

If you remain unattached to the events that take place in your life/sky, you will be able to see more, and thereby heal more. During this meditation there may be times when you feel a sense of freedom, like flying. When you really feel yourself as the sky, there are no points of reference; there is a feeling of expansion.

We sometimes feel fear at this point, which is why we identify with all the things/clouds that go on in our life/sky. When we define ourselves, we tend to identify with what goes on in our life/sky so that we can have a point of reference and an identity. It makes more sense to us that way because then we can say, “I am this, or I am that.” But as Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897–1981), best known for the book I Am That, once said, “I am that, you are that and all this is that, and that’s all there is to that.”

It’s an impossible task for our minds to grasp how we can be nothing and at the same time be everything, but in this meditation, you can experience the “all that there is” resting in your no-thing-ness called the “sky.” This is also a great place to let it go, surrender to the sky of your being with complete trust and unconditional love for yourself and for the world that you are the co-creator of. We are all One Being.