Structural Integration Enhances the Flow of Life-Force Energy

Structural Integration Enhances the Flow of Life-Force Energy

By Jean Louise Green

Running the Energy”

It was Christmas time. She stood in the Bidwell Mansion parlor serving homemade cookies and hot apple cider. It was one of her favorite community events. Friends and strangers were peacefully wrapped together in a blanket of abundance. Everything felt right.

Then it happened again. Paying close attention, she noticed waves of energy that poured in through the top of her head. They ran down her spine into her belly. They rose from below, through her feet, into her legs and hips. At her belly, the energies merged and mixed, flooding into the rest of her body. An ecstatic sensation filled her with light, intense love, and a heightened sense of awareness. In that moment, she became a conduit between heaven and Earth. I call this phenomenon “running the energy” while a person is on his or her “line.”â?¨

Jean Louis-rolferThe “Line” Is a Transcendent Line of Connection between Heaven and Earth

It begins in the center of the earth, runs up through the feet, along the front of the spine, out the top of the head, and extends into the far stars of the heavens beyond. This is the energetic Rolf “line” that traverses the body like a conduit, connecting us with heaven and Earth. In the bodywork known as structural integration or “Rolfing,” developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, the center of gravity of the major body segments are organized around this “line.”

Richard Podolny, a Rolf practitioner, said, “A body that has been structurally integrated manifests a ‘line,’ an open core that allows life to move through it and manifest from it in infinite directions. Structural integration is the evoking of the innate connection within all human beings, with the earth and the heavens, with the mother and the father, with the source and the sourceless.”

Energy = Electrons = Life Force

All living beings have electrical currents running through them that regulate their life processes. In the human body, electrical currents of varying frequencies are produced by the heart, brain, muscles, and organs. Those electrical currents give rise to the electromagnetic field around the body. The earth also has an electromagnetic field, created from movement of tiny subatomic negatively charged free electrons covering its surface that are charged by lightning strikes, solar emanations, and the spinning of its molten core. The electrons fluctuate at many frequencies.

Our bodies need energy. We have electrical voltage around our cell membranes. If there is not enough energy to support the cell membranes, they collapse. When this happens to blood cells, they clump together. This affects our microcirculation, the movement of the blood at the capillary level where the exchange of nutrients, gases, and wastes occur. Capillaries are 10 times thinner than a human hair. Blood cells have to move single file or two by two to enter through capillaries. If blood is too thick, the cells starve and high blood pressure results as the heart works to pump thick blood.

When we remove our shoes and stand barefooted on the ground for about a half an hour, the earth’s energy moves through our connective tissues, activating an electrical exchange into our bodies that can restore and maintain the body’s natural electrical state. Clinton Ober, author of the Earthing book, states, “These frequencies reset our biological clock and provide the body with electrical energy.”

We gain electrons by eating simple antioxidant fruits and vegetables high in electrons, drinking structured alkaline water, taking minerals that conduct electrons, using unprocessed salts that alkalize blood and tissue, and using meditation and exercise to detox.

Energy Travels through the Connective Tissue, the Body’s “World Wide Web”

Dr. James Oschman, a biophysicist involved in earthing studies, said, “The connective tissue fabric is a semi-conducting communication network that can carry bio-electric signals between every part of the body.” Strands of protein, called collagen, comprise the structural component of the connective tissue. They are semi-conductors when they are hydrated. When water is removed from these proteins, they become insulators. The conductivity of any tissue is hugely dependent on its water content. Water is essential for movement of electrons in the body.

Structural Integration Optimizes the Flow of Energy through Connective Tissues

Dr. Rolf said, “Rolfers make a life study of relating bodies and their fields to the earth and its gravity field, and we so organize the body that the gravity field can reinforce the body’s energy field.” Connective tissues in the body have to be clear enough so the energy can flow through. Tissues that are twisted, dried, short, and inflamed act as insulators to this energy. During the myofascial release of bodywork, a rehydration occurs in the connective tissues. Hydration is essential for the conductivity of free electrons in the body.

In Summary, Structural Integration:

  • Hydrates connective tissue, creating more conductivity of electrons.
  • Helps horizontalize the pelvis and organize and lengthen layers of connective tissue.
  • Energy follows the path of least resistance. Structural integration releases rotations in the core and extremities. Twisting patterns contribute to discs that herniate and bulge, sciatica, scoliosis, long-term degeneration of connective tissue at knee and hip joints, and stress in the nervous system.
  • When body segments are aligned around a vertical “line” and physiological and energetic barriers to the free flow of electric energy are removed, the body’s life force energy is enhanced.

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