Swords of Light for Transformation and Healing

By Tom Ledder


Healing with crystals is a centuries-old practice that continues with modern-day healers around the world. The power of using crystals in conjunction with healing modalities can really enhance the effects, but the real power of crystal healing is in selecting the right stone for the job.

One of the most powerful stones available to alternative health practitioners today is selenite. It’s a clear, translucent white stone that is not only energetically powerful, but it also is one of the few stones that transmutes even the most negative of energies. Selenite can also completely enhance the effectiveness and intensity of most alternative healing modalities when integrated into a healing practice.

When one is healed on an energetic level, the ailments of the physical body can be corrected. This is the idea driving much of today’s alternative healing movement. Acupuncturists work on the meridians, the energy channels of the body. Reiki masters bring life energy they call “ki” or “chi” into the meridians as well as into the seven major chakras, the vortexes of energy in our bodies. Many other energy healing techniques work to bring light into the subtle bodies, organs and the DNA.

To assist energy workers in their craft, numerous different tools have been created. A powerful example of these tools is selenite swords of light, which healers in many of the above-mentioned modalities, as well as psychologists, massage therapists, psychic healers, and others have begun using in their work. In an interview, Diane Hawes, an acupuncturist and energetic healer who began using the swords of light three years ago, said: “By working with [the swords of light] and allowing them to work with me, they often amplify my own intuition and skill, take me to a place in the energy network which is disturbed, and then help me treat the disease there.”

What are the selenite swords of light?

The selenite swords of light are energy tools that help magnify the energy of any transformative technique. They can do this because they bring divine light from the fifth dimension, which is imbued with all the qualities of perfect health and alignment, into our third-dimensional world. Scientists have shown that everything in the universe is energy; therefore we know that our bodies are also energy. The swords of light can help in transforming the physical body by correcting the blockages and damaged energy components in the chakras, meridians, nadis, and subtle bodies that cause the ailments in the physical. I am the creator of the swords of light, fabricating the swords out of selenite crystal in Fort Collins, Colorado.

What is selenite?

Selenite is an energetically powerful crystal that has a clear, translucent white color. The best selenite for the swords comes from Morocco, but it is also found in the USA and Mexico. Selenite quickly opens the upper chakras with intensity that is greater than almost any other stone and is very effective at cleaning the auric field. The main property is that it has the power to bring high-frequency energy into the physical body. Another wonderful quality of selenite is that when one attaches other stones or minerals to it their energies are magnified many times.

How did you get started making Selenite Swords?

Five years ago while attending a metaphysical show in Denver, Colorado, I saw a woman treating a knee injury of a man using a raw piece of selenite crystal. She said she could see the light from the selenite going into the injured knee and healing the area. I was very impressed with the effects of her work and that incident propelled me to find a way to use selenite crystal in making an energy tool.

Why did you choose to use the design of a sword?

The shape of a sword allows the energy stream that naturally exists in the selenite crystal to be focused and amplified. The polishing of the crystal further refines the flow of energy. These processes make the raw crystal much more powerful.

You give trainings in the Japan and the USA on how to use the swords of light. If you were to give us the key teaching, what would you share?

The key principal in the trainings is that first and foremost we are energy beings, beings of light with physical bodies, and that the free and correct flow of that energy that we are in the physical leads to perfection in health. I teach how to use the swords of light to bring that high-frequency energy into the chakras and subtle bodies of the people. You can transform and heal on the energy level and the problem in the physical can then be transformed.

Tom Ledder is the founder of Selenite Sword Maker LLC and is dedicated to bringing the knowledge of the Selenite Swords of Light out to the world. For the past six years Tom has been focused on the creation of energy tools—the Selenite Swords of Light, Ascension Rods, and Ascension Staffs, which are used around the world by energy workers, acupuncturists, and healers. Tom has created a training program and a certification program that he teaches in the USA and Japan. Contact www.SeleniteSwords.com or call 970-227-1198.