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Facing Up to the Challenges of Life

The human face speaks a language far more complex and expressive than any verbal communication. For the newborn child, the motherâ??s face is the first mirror it sees of its own self.

It’??s Time to Examine Our True Intentions

Why do the hopes and dreams of many people turn out to be forlorn, plunging them into feelings of inadequacy and even hopelessness? Sometimes their lives even move in the opposite direction from where they want them to go.

Why Healing the Symptoms Is Never Enough

A popular misconception is that energy healing is good only for physical conditions. Perhaps thatâ??s because initially people rarely consult healers for anything else. And, sad to say, they often stop treatment when the symptoms disappear.

Learning from the Dark Angel of Depression

Depression is an insidious illness. It afflicts many millions of people, who may be in reasonable physical shape yet feel crushed by hopelessness, lethargy, and despair.

Why an Auric Detox Is Vital to Our Health

However considerateâ??or notâ??we are toward our bodies, virtually everyone these days is aware of the damage caused by toxins. They are in what we eat and are often unavoidableâ??sugars, salt, fats, and food additives

Just Why Does Like Attract Like?

The old question of why women often leave one abusive relationship and step straight into another continues to puzzle many of those involved in their protection.

Healing the Wounds around Love and Sex

Healing the multiple issues surrounding sex is a global industry. Whole armies of sex therapists, relationship counselors, and behavioral psychologists exist to deal with them. And are all greatly needed.

How Patient Power Is Changing Breast-Cancer Care

The integration of energy/spiritual healing into general medicine is a slow and often arduous process. Traditional positions in the medical world can be rather inflexible and are best moved by continual education.

Your Guide Is Closer Than You Think

Where would we be without our guides? For many people, these divine beings have become essential to the navigation of the twists and turns of the spiritual path. They willingly provide advice as we search for knowledge and enlightenment